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Looking to buy network cable testers in bulk for resale or business use? You've come to the right place. Noyafa is China's leader in LAN cable testing technology, and has been developing and manufacturing 100% affordable & quality network cable testing instruments including Cable Length Tester, Cable Continuity Detector, Underground Wire Locator, Multifunctional Cable Detector, Fiber Tester, and Cabling Hand Toolkits since 2006.

Check The Best Selling or Picks for Specific Testing Purpose.

Noyafa has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard and all products have passed RoHS, FCC and CE compliance testing, and has obtained a number of technical patents in the field of technology development and application, such as appearance, utility models, and inventions.

Also, Noyafa is a trusted OEM / ODM manufacturer with a skilled R&D department that features computer code & hardware engineers mould engineers.

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Best Selling

Three of our best sellers and get highly endorse by customers in Network cable tester.

Picks for Specific Testing Purpose

The following are products that excel in specific testing like cable length testing, continuity detecting, buried cable locating, fiber testing, etc.

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