Continuity Testers

We're one of the world's best manufacturers and suppliers of continuity testers! We want to be the next Fluke!

Elevate your cable testing experience with NOYAFA's Cable Continuity Testers. Explore over 20 models designed to identify and troubleshoot wiring issues effortlessly. Ensure network reliability with precise testing for shorts, opens, crossings, and splits. Choose NOYAFA for superior cable continuity solutions at affordable prices and incredible durability.

RJ45 Testers (CAT5/6 UTP/STP):

CAT7 testers:

  • So far, NF-8601S is the only CAT7 cable tester available in NOYAFA. But soon, there'll be more.

RJ11 & Coaxial cable testers:

  • A lot of RJ45 tester tools of NOYAFA support RJ11 telephone line and coaxial cable tests.

Fiber optic cable testers:

  • To check the status of a fiber optic cable, you may check out NF-8508, NF-918S, and NF-908 series.

IPC camera and cable testers:

  • NOYAFA provides test equipment for security camera maintenance like IPC715 and IPC716. You can check both cables and cameras in one device.