Thermal Imaging Cameras (Including Mobile IR Cameras)

What can you expect from NOYAFA's thermal imaging cameras?

Affordable, high-definition, flexible, handheld, portable, accurate, and efficient.

  • Measures from -20 °C to 400°C (-4°F to 752F);
  • Displays in IR resolution of 256*192 and physical lens of 720P;
  • Read infrared thermal radiation of 7.5μm~14μm & 25hz frame rate;
  • Provides camera accessories for Android phone;
  • Supports recording IR videos and capturing IR pictures;
  • Save images locally (up-to-16GB) and export to a computer for detailed analysis;
  • Industrial IP54 waterproof and anti-resistant design for heavy-duty usage;
  • Measures with only 2% of errors;
  • Fits in house, electrical, roof, kitchen, workshop, HVAC, and more situations;
  • Offer technical support with computer software.