After-sales Service Commitment

NOYAFA warrants to the original consumer that this product is in good working order for a period of one year from the date of manufacture or date of purchase. During this period the product will be repaired or replaced without charge for either parts or labor unless the product has been damaged by mistreatment (connecting to high voltage, crushed, etc.). If this is the case, We will quote the cost to repair the product quickly and offer a fair price for repair. Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy of the purchaser.

All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair during warranty period (1 year ), the following is the service tips.

Product quality

  • All products are guaranteed on consistency.
  • All products are stabilized after 24-hour aging testing.
  • All products are 100% inspected PASS before shipment.
  • All products are ensured compliance with national standards, GB1094.1-GB1094.6-96 Degrees of protection provided by enclosure, GB4793-1984 Safety requirements for electronic measuring instruments,GB191 Packaging storage and transportation signs.

    After-sales service

    All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to provide maintenance and replacement for free during warranty period.( 1 year valid from the date of purchase). If quality problems happen for improper operation or beyond the period, we will charge for extra maintenance and material cost, and the shipping cost should be bore by buyers.

    After-sales service Clause

    We uphold the principle of "timely, high-efficiency,reliable " service standards, strictly follow the commitment as below.


    We are only responsible for the damage or loss before opening-box inspections, otherwise, it is out of our responsibility.

    Maintenance guarantee

    During warranty period, we’ll provide free maintenance or replacement, but plastic shell, cable adaptor, manual and package are not included in the service. And materials and accessories for repair will be charged the cost price if beyond the warranty period.

    Maintenance responsibility

    Users should operate all products in correct way, we will be responsible for the maintenance and replacement due to primary defects in our side.  

    But the following is out of our commitment and maintenance for free:

    • No any other valid proof.
    • Unauthorized repair to misuse, or removal.
    • Normal wear and tear of accessories
    • Abnormal connection to high-voltage equipment, or long-time unused.
    • Damage or defects caused by majeure force  
    • Improper maintenance and repair.