Established in 2006, We Are Cable Tracing & Testing Experts and Innovators.

Why You Should Choose and Trust NOYAFA

R&D Team

Here, a group of structural engineers, circuit board specialists, mold creators, and software and hardware developers converge to shape the future of cable tracing and testing.

Product ID Designers

A group of wizards whose magic lay in crafting more than just products - they sculpted experiences.

20,000sqm Factory

20,000sqm modern production base, 12 production workshops, and 3 SMT workshops provide efficient manufacturing and adherence to quality standards.

Marketing Team

Comprising creative minds, strategic thinkers, and digital wizards, the NOYAFA marketing team was on a mission to propel the brand to new heights.


Showcase how we redefine the standards of precision and reliability in the field of network testing and cable tracing. Experience the NOYAFA difference today!

We Believe that Simplicity and Precision Could Coexist

NOYAFA understand that professionals in the field, from network engineers to cable installers, required tools that were not only robust and accurate but also intuitive and easy to use.

NOYAFA Continues to Evolve

Our diverse range of products finds paramount applications in network cabling, home repairs, construction projects, and environmental testing, redefining the benchmarks for precision and reliability in these domains.