NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Product Display
NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Product Display
NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Product Display
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NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Emitter Product Display
NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Product Parameters
NF-826 Underground Wire Tracer Product Details
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NOYAFA NF-826 Wire Tracer for Underground and Wall Electrical Wires and Pipes

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Features & Benefits:

  • Circuit Tracer: Trace circuits and find electrical wires and metal (copper, network, power) cables in drywall or underground. The Max detection range is 2m (80in).
  • Wiring Fault Locator: Tone locating faults like breaks, open circuits, and short circuits in wires and cables. Flexible scanning strength for various environments.
  • Breaker Finder: Attach the transmitter device to a socket via adapters. Locate socket breakers on the box with one tap.
  • Voltmeter: The transmitter has an integrated AC / DC voltmeter for linear measurement of 12-400V DC/AC voltage.
  • Electricity Detector: The receiver (the tone probe) can detect AC voltage over 60V without touching the object.
  • Pipe Locator: Detect the wiring and direction of underground water, heating, and gas pipelines without breaking the lawn and floor. Locate the breakpoints in the pipe easily.
  • A Built-in LED Light: An internal LED light illuminates the dark environment for easy operation.
  • Certification: Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Fair Price: Compared to expensive Klein and Fluke wire tracers, NOYAFA NF-826 is a lot more friendly to your budget.
  • Versatile Accessories for Precision: Provide a comprehensive set of accessories tailored for diverse scenarios, ensuring your wire tracing needs are met with precision and efficiency. Elevate your experience with our all-in-one solution for seamless connectivity troubleshooting.
  • Model Number: NF-826
  • Max Depth Range: 2m (80 inch
  • Max Cable Length: 1,000m
  • Voltage Detecting: Yes
  • Working Voltage Range: 0 - 400V
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Various Modes
  • Power Supply: 3.7V 1400mAh LI-Battery Powered
  • Signals & Result Display: Tone & LCD
  • Support: Metal wires, cables, and pipes

Specification of Transmitter:

  • LCD Screen: 52*35mmTN screen with backlight
  • Transmitter signal frequency: 125KHz
  • Signal Vp-p transmitter self-inspection: Yes
  • Circuit voltage testing: AC: 12~400V(50~60Hz)+/-2.5%
  • DC: 12~400V +/-2.5%
  • Interface type: multimeter jack
  • Max working current: Demension: 158*80*33mm

Specification of Receiver:

  • LCD Screen: 52*35mmTN screen with backlight
  • Received signal strength display : Yes
  • Recognize low battary warning of transmitter: Yes
  • Received signal frequency: 125KHz
  • Short circuit detection: Yes
  • Open circuit detection: Yes
  • Automatic frequency sweep: Yes
  • Reception mode: Manual / Auto
  • NCV function: AC:50~400V(50~60Hz)+/-2.5%
  • Max working current: Demension: 228*74*28mm

NOYAFA NF-826 Unboxing Video

For Metal Wires And Pipes

NOYAFA Advanced Wire Tracer

  • Detect and trace electric wires in walls and underground.
  • Locate wiring faults with Tone and Probe kit.
  • Detect and measure voltage with NCV probe and multimeter pins.
  • Find related socket breakers from the box.
NF-826 Product Description

Circuit Tracker

Detect and trace hidden electric wires, circuits, and outlets in drywalls up to 2-meter(80in) deep.

Underground Wire Locator

Find underground wires and pipes with Tone and Probe kit without destroying the lawn and other facilities.

Auto/Manual Tracing Mode

Automatic/manual mode can be switched at will.

  • Start with an Auto mode to roughly find a wire.
  • When there're multiple wires around, enter Manual mode to adjust the Sensitivity.

Multi-line Identification

Connect up-to-6 Transmitter devices and attach them to 6 different lines. Identify each wire easily.

Voltage Measure

Can be used as a voltmeter to test the AC/DC voltage from 12-400V for wires, breakers, fuses, sockets, and outlets.

Breaker Finder

Attach the clamps on the Transmitter end to a specific wire. Find the related socket, breaker, or fuse remotely.

LED Light

While tracing and testing in the dark, turn on the LED light on the Receiver. Light up your work!

Non-contact electric tester

NF-826 contains an NCV tester pen. Simply use the Receiver end to check the the voltage status of an object. Safe working!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This wire tracer works perfectly for both underground wires and pipes inside walls. It's versatile and very efficient, making it a great tool for any electrical work.

User-Friendly Design

The NOYAFA NF-826 is easy to use, even for a beginner like me. The user-friendly design and clear instructions made tracing wires a breeze. Excellent product!

Claes Trolle
Fast, accurate handling of a worthwile item

The item caught my eye and would most likely satrisfy my needs. I ordered it from other seller - but t was received in a non-satisfactory state. As I really wanted the item I ordered the same item (and returned to other, non-compliant item) from the producer. It was excellent. Good price , fast delivery, no hazzels and item in excellent condition - strongly recommend NOYAFA: Couldn't be better!

Ales Kavas

super ok


NOYAFA NF-826 Wire Tracer for Electrical Wires and Pipes