Laser Distance Measurer

Check NOYAFA's top-rated laser measures for precise indoor measurement. 

With NOYAFA's laser measurement tools, measure up to 100 meters / 330 ft with two steps only. Enjoy 99.99% accuracy with NOYAFA's measurement options.

You can find regular laser measuring tools and laser measuring tapes (up to 3 meters /16 feet).  Our products support multiple measurement modes including linear, area, volume, angle, height, and Pythagorean measurements. Saves your time in calculation.

Modes like NF-273L, NF-274L, and NF-275L support audio reporting. They are installed with high-capacity rechargeable batteries. You can use them repeatedly. Let's not mention they've passed the IP54 test. All compact and durable!

All laser meters of NOYAFA are perfectly built for room, wall, and floor measurements. Buy one and get accurate numbers easily!