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NOYAFA NF-274L Laser Distance Measurer with 100M/330Ft Range

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Features & Benefits:

  • Instant & Easy: Launch, point, and done! The exact numbers of distance will be displayed and read out.
  • Audio Prompt: The machine will read the values each time. This can be off based on your need.
  • Single & Continuous measure: Press Measure, NF-274L will work. Press again, it works. Press 10 or 100 times, it gives you 10 or 100 numbers.
  • 11 Measurement Modes: More than linear measurement, also measures and calculates areas, volumes, height, angles of triangles, squares, and more. Makes room measurements handy and fast.
  • Add & Subtract: Press the Plus or Minus button to let NF-274L do addition or subtraction. Saves time and effort for manual calculation.
  • Green Laser: Compared to traditional red laser meters, the NF-274L green laser meter is more accurate. And you can see the green laser more easily in the day.
  • Digital Help: Download the mobile app and connect NF-274L to it via Bluetooth. Upload all data to the phone for complete analysis.
  • Benchmark adjust: Decide where the laser meter starts to measure, from the lens or the bottom of the gadget. Makes measurement flexible and accurate.
  • Acceptable budget: NOYAFA never sells products at an unacceptable price. We want anybody in need to use our products and benefit from them. Order with ease!
  • Model: NF-274L
  • Test Range: 60/80m/100
  • Accuracy: +/-1.5 mm
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Min&Max measurement: Yes
  • Single/Continuous Measurement: Yes
  • Distance/ Area/Volume/ Measurement: Yes
  • Count-down/Point to point/Triangle Area Measurement: Yes
  • Pythagorean Measurement: Yes
  • Addition /Subtraction Measurement: Yes
  • Unit Switch: m/ft/in/ft+in
  • Benchmark Switch: Yes
  • Hint Tone: Yes
  • Data Storage: Yes
  • Protection Level: IP54
  • Power Supply: 750mAh Li-battery
  • Pin code for Bluetooth connection: 123456

NOYAFA NF274L Unboxing Video

NF-274L Laser Meter Introduction

Green Laser Distance Meter

Installed with high frequency large optical system, this laser meter will give you the most accurate and clear values with its green laser measuring.

Advanced Sensor Makes Accuracy

Planted with NOYAFA's most advanced chips, NF-274L will give you the less error as possible.

NF-274L Laser Meter Accuracy

Large Measure Range

NF-274L can measure up to 100 meters ( 330 feets) for single measurement.

Millimeter Accuracy

With the most advanced optical lens to enhance reflected light reception, the NF-274L will give you an accurate result with an error of only 1.5mm.

Outdoor Measuring

Set the device up with its real-time angle detection and display. Where its green laser light goes, the exact length will be accurately measured and recorded.

Bluetooth Connection

Connect the meter to an Android phone via Bluetooth. Export the measuring values in bulk or alone.

NOYAFA NF-274L Bluetooth
NOYAFA NF-274L Measure Mode

Single Measure

Power on the device and turn on the laser light with the MEAS button. Point it to the target object and press MEAS to get the length.

Continuous Measure

Press MEAS to enter the Continuous mode. Point to different spots and get the Max and Min values from the screen of the device. Press MEAS or Clear to stop.

NOYAFA NF-274L Area Measure

Area Measure

Press the Mode Switch button to enter the Area Measure Mode. Get the length and width, wait a while and you will have the value of the area.

Volume Measure

Enter the Volume Measure mode. Start to measure the length, width, and height. Get the number of the volume soon.

NOYAFA NF-274L Volume Measure
NOYAFA NF-274L Pythagorean Measure

Pythagorean Measure

To get the value from A to C, enter the Pythagorean Mode. Stand still and measure the length of A, B, and C. Then, NF-274L will calculate the distance between A and C.

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