Coaxial Cable Testers

Let's test the continuity of coax cables with NOYAFA's coaxial cable testers!

To test a cable TV or other coaxial cable network, NOYAFA's products can check the status of a BNC coax line in seconds. The wiring fault will be pointed out directly: Short or broken.

When there are multiple coaxial lines in this network, use these multitasking coax testers: NF-388 (8 Remotes), NF-858C (4 Remotes), & NF-8601W (8 Remotes). 

Note that all tester tools of NOYAFA are built with other features like RJ45 testers, telephone line testers, and Ethernet speed testers. We don't provide a tester that can only do BNC coax tests. If you want only a cable tester tool, try NF-3468.

Besides testing a coaxial cable, use NOYAFA's cable tracer tool to find the other end of a cable. When a previous BNC cable is broken, measure the cable length with NOYAFA's coaxial cable meters. Get a suitable replacement quickly.