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NOYAFA NF-8508 Multi-function Cable Tester For RJ11/45, PoE, Fiber Optic

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Features & Benefits:

  • Wire mapping & Continuity test: Check Cat5 & Cat6 Cables status. Display length and exact faults like opens, splits, shorts, and crossings on an LCD screen.
  • Cable trace: Adjustable signal strength indicator helps find cables from bundled cables, different rooms, walls, and ceilings. (300 meters/984 feet).
  • Length test: Measure the length of CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cables up to 200 meters (656 feet). Help prepare the suitable cables for installation.
  • Port flash: Sending signals through connected cables to flash ports on 10M/100M/1000M hubs, panels, routers, or switches. Sync frequency flashing on Port & LCD Screen.
  • PoE test: Diagnose the PoE network by listing pins of the power supply, and other statuses like voltage, polarity, and PSE(af or at standard).
  • Optical Power meter: Measure optical power and loss in single-mode optical fibers.
  • Visual Fault Locator: Quickly navigate Fiber break points with visible red lights.
  • RJ45 Head Test: Tell if RJ45 connectors are properly crimped.
  • NCV: Non-contact voltage detector on Receiver levels up safety and reduces chances of damaging devices.

Cable type: CAT5/CAT6

Voltage protection : 60V

Details of CONT function :

  • Scan Frequency: 455KHz

Port Flash: √

Details of Length function:

  • Accuracy: ≤20M+/-1.6M, 20M~100M+/-2.4M, >100M+/-3.2M

Details of POE function:

  • Standard/Non Standard
  • End connection /Middle jumper /Powered by 8 cores
  • PoE Power supply

NVL: 10Mw

OPM: 1310/1550/1625 (Single-mode Wavelength)

Crimping: RJ45-8 Cores,Min length is 210cm

Power supply: 3.7V 1500mAh Polymer lithium battery

Charge : Type-C connector

NCV: √


Lower voltage warning:

NOYAFA NF-8508 Unboxing Video


Multi-function Cable Tester

Buy one device, you can test LAN networks, trace network cables, measure cable length, locate ports, check PoE, test fiber optics, test QC heads, etc.

NF-8508 Optical Fiber Meter Tracer Product Introduction

OPM - Optical Power Meter

Measure wavelengths of SM MM fiber optics such as 1310, 1550, 1625 with a test range of-70dBm to +10dBm,

NF-8508  Optical Fiber Meter
NF-8508 Visucal Fault Locator for Fiber Optics

VFL - Visual Fault Locator

Transmit a 10mw red light source (1HZ, 2HZ, Hold) in the whole fiber optic cable. Quickly tell if the cable works fine and locate the break.

NF-8508 Cable Tracing

Cable Tracing

Quickly and accurately locate a target cable in a clutter of cables using the high-sensitivity, anti-jamming probe and tone-generator of the Receiver.

PoE Check

Run a complete checking on PoE devices to identity standards, power supply, voltage, polarity, and PSE.

NF-8508 PoE Checker

Port Flash

Change the frequency of cable blinking on router and server ports to find the correct cable port.

NF-8508 Port Flash
NF-8508 Cable Length Measure

Cable Length

Disconnect the cable from both ends first. Plug it into the NF-8508 and activate the Measure feature. Any cable that's longer than 2.5m (8.2 feet) and shorter than 200m (656 feet) will be measured accurately.

NF-8508 Continuity Tester

Continuity Test

Test Lan network cable continuity, identify the exact fault, and give location of the fault point.

QC Test

Understanding the basic status of the cable is based on the correct installation sequence of the cable and the results of the crystal head crimp test.

NF-8508 QC Tester


Find out if cables, ports, and other objects carry electricity or not. Reduce the risk of getting hurt while maintenance and repair.

NF-8508 NCV Tester
NF-8508 LED Light

Build-in LED

While tracing or testing a cable in the darkness, turn on the light on the Receiver device. Finish your work without hassle.

NF-8508 Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

Both Emitter and Receiver devices are installed with a 3.7V 1500mAh polymer lithium battery. Fully charge and use for another long hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Good product, nice quality. However, didn't receive invoice by email until this day.

Mariusz B?aszkiewicz
Super tester

Bardzo dobry tester .Super spełnia swoją rolę.

Manuel Bernal
Excelente condiciones

Entrega rápida, en muy buenas condiciones

I am a network engineer. This is a good basic cable/fiber tester.

I looked at all of the inexpensive testers on the market, and chose this one for home use. I have a fairly extensive network at home, and all of the features on this were things I can use there. Honestly, I have access to just about every tester on the market, so if I need anything better, I just borrow it.

This tester has some of the important features you need for home or a small network business. Specifically:

- Basic PoE Testing - useful to make sure your switch is providing the correct power.
- Cable length: This is a capacitive test not a TDR. What does this mean?
First of all its not going to be as accurate as a TDR tester. Its accuracy is "≤20M+/-1.6M,
20M~100M+/-2.4M,≥100M+/-3.2M" which means it can be off by about 8 feet on a cable under 100M.
Next capacitance varries based on the wire you use so it is possible that it could be better or worse than that.
- Continuity tester: Wiremap, fault test, etc.
- Cable locator toner and wand
- Port flash mode with speed identifier: (hated this! It kept turning off the flash mode before I could find the port!)
- PoE Test: End connect, and mid-span testing for PoE with 802.3af/at detection and non-standard and shows voltage on each connection used.
- Cable scan: Detects shorts, crossed pair, split-pair, open, loop-back, and has a detector for shield.
- Visual fault locator for fiber (Just for a laugh... they say in the manual NVL: 10Mw... I think they meant 10mW! If you have a 10Mw fault locator, you just blew a hole through the fiber, the equipment, the floor, the wall, the neighbors building honestly I'm not sure how far a 10Mw laser would go!
-Relative optical Power Meter for light levels including the following wavelengths: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 ( Wavelength in nM)
-USB - C charging
-A LIGHT! on the receiver!!!! As in FLASHLIGHT!!!

Now the Cons:
-Multiple ports for RJ connections that depend on the test you are running. You have to pay close attention to make sure you're on the right port!!!
- The enter and back buttons are reversed (at least as far as i am concerned) The enter is on the left and the back is on the right. Its so annoying, that I'm almost tempted to rip it apart and rewire the pads.
- If you are trying to blink a port and you are switching from port to port on your patch panel, the blink mode will shut off by itself after a short period. If this is from a remote jack, you have to have someone there to restart it.

Overall I'm happy with this test unit. It does what it says, and i haven't had any real problems with using it.

Excepcional equipo

Es un equipo multifuncional muy pequeno y facil de transportar, me ha facilitado mi trabajo en especial con la Fibra Optica