NOYAFA Top Selling Products

Top Sellers

Check NOYAFA's top 10 products. We have provided:

  • A combo for network cable tester and fiber optic tester, NF-8508.
  • RJ45 TDR meter for length measure with network toner and tester: NF-8601S.
  • Quick Ethernet diagnosis tool (speed, standard, and IP): NF-8506.
  • Cheap and affordable RJ45 cable tester: NF-466 & NF-488
  • Fast and safe electrical circuit tracer for underground and wall: NF-826.
  • All-in-one cable and security camera testers (aka IPC testers): NF-IPC715 & NF-IPC716.
  • Handy laser distance measurer with large range: NF-274L.
  • Advanced network cable tester and toner kit: NF-8209.
  • Accurate and easy-to-use spy detector for cameras and bugs: G318.