Network Cable Testers

Explore NOYAFA's comprehensive range of network testers and cable testers to ensure your network is in top-notch condition. Choose from the following categories:

Multifunctional Network Testers:

Make networking diagnosis a breeze with NOYAFA's multifunctional network testers. These versatile tools combine network testers, tracers, length meters, fiber optic testers, and more. Get 6 or more features in a single device!

Network Cable Testers (Cable Continuity Testers):

Choose from over 20 models of network cable testers at NOYAFA. Identify and troubleshoot wiring issues such as shorts, opens, crossings, splits, and more with precision.

Cable Tracers:

NOYAFA's cable tracers, equipped with network toners, allow you to trace and locate cables effortlessly using the probe and tone generator.

Cable Length Meters:

Accurately measure the length of RJ45 and coaxial cables with 99% accuracy using NOYAFA's cable length meters.

PoE Testers (Power Over Ethernet):

Identify PoE standards, measure DC power supply, and locate power supply wires for CCTV cameras, VOIP phones, and WiFi installations with NOYAFA's PoE testers.

PING Testers (Internet Speed Tester):

Run ethernet tests to obtain IP addresses, Max/Min/Ave responding time, and more with NOYAFA's PING testers for accurate internet speed testing.

IPC Testers (CCTV Camera Testers):

Facilitate the installation, activation, maintenance, and repair of IPC cameras with NOYAFA's dedicated IPC testers.

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