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Noyafa NF-8601S TDR Cable Tracer Tester with PoE / Ping for RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cables

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Features & Benefits:

  • CAT5/6/7 tester: Continuity testing for Coaxial cables, RJ45 network cables, and RJ11 telephone cables. Display wiring fault names directly like Open Circuit, Short Circuit, etc.
  • TDR test: With TDR technology, 500m max (1640ft) length measurement for RJ11, RJ45, Coaxial, and power cables (only 2% error!). When faults exist, the NF-8601S TDR meter displays the distance to the fault.
  • Ethernet cable tester: Identify the power over ethernet cables and detect the exact voltage. It tells the pins delivering DC powers and data.
  • Network toner: Toner probe with complete AC interference rejection to trace ethernet cables. Three modes are available for fast and accurate cable tracing: high frequency / PoE switch / low frequency.
  • Port blinking: Easy and quick locating ethernet ports on the server/switch/hub/router port by the generated flashing light. It is convenient for identifying a cable connected to the switch.
  • Ping test: Network performance check and quality measurements. Examine the data packet and the minimum & maximum time to send and receive data.
  • Non-Contact Voltage Tester: Toner probe with NCV detector (90-1000V). One tap to tell if electricity runs through an object without touching it.
  • Extra accessories: 3.7V 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 1GB TF card for data storage and export, adapters, and clamps to improve compatibility.
  • Friendly Offer & Considerate UI: Compared to expensive Fluke and Klein TDR tools, NOYAFA offers a budget-friendly alternative. Measure and test ethernet with no steep learning curve and zero practice.
  • Tracing Cables: RJ45 (CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable
  • Measure Cable Length: RJ45(CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable
  • Check Cable Error: RJ45(CAT7 included), RJ11, BNC, Power Cable
  • Max. Cable Length: 500m (1640ft)
  • Power Supply: Li-battery
  • Display Screen: Color
  • Length Measure Theory: TDR
  • Anti-current INterference: Yes
  • Data exported to PC: Yes
  • Port Flash: Yes
  • Scan on PoE Switch: Yes
  • High / Low Freq. Scan Mode; Yes
  • PoE Detecting: Yes
  • Ping Function: Yes
  • AC Voltage Detecting: Yes
  • Length Measurement Range: 5m-500m (18ft-1640ft)
  • Calibration Precision: 2%(+/-0.5m, or +/-1.5feet)
  • Measurement Precision: 3%(+/-0.5m, or +/-1.5feet)
  • Remote Units: 1pc
NF-8601S Network Troubleshooter

Combo of Ethernet Test & TDR Tool

  • Measure network cables and locate faults;
  • Check status of network cables;
  • Port blinking to locate ports and cables on panel;
  • Ethernet test for power provider and performance;
  • 2.8-in LCD screen, USB charging, and extra TF storage.
NOYAFA NF-8601S TDR Cable Tester Length Measurement

Multiple Cable Types Support

NF-8601S supports to test and trace for multiple cables, including:

  • CAT5/6/7 network cables,
  • 4+2 and 8+2 lan cables,
  • power cables,
  • telephone RJ11 cables,
  • coaxial cables.
NOYAFA NF-8601S TDR Cable Tester Supported Cable
NOYAFA NF-8601S TDR Cable Tester Length Measurement Fault Location
TDR Test

Length Meter & Fault Locator

With TDR support, NF-8601S can not only measures the length of cables but also locate the wiring faults.

NF-8601S Customized Cable Length Measurement
Customized Wire Measure

Measure 4+2 & 8+2 Cables

Insert the network cable into the RJ45 port. Or connect the alligator clamps and attach the extra wires to the clamps. Measure up to 10 and down to 2 wires at a time.

Check Cable Status

Check Cable Wiring

Plug in the network cables (RJ45, RJ11, Coax) into NF-8601S. Test the mapping status. Identify faults like shorts, opens, crossings.

NF-8601S Cable Continuity Tester
Flexible Cable Tracing

Three Cable Tracing Modes

  • When cables are few around, Low-frequency mode will be enough.
  • If there're bundled and messy cables, High-frequency mode helps.
  • For cables with low voltage, POE switch mode protects the device.
NOYAFA NF-8601S TDR Cable Tester Scanning
NF-8601S Check Power Over Ethernet Cables
PoE Checker

Identify Ethernet Power

Identify the wires that are providing power on twisted-pair Ethernet cables. And test the strength of the voltage.

NF-8601S Ping Test
PoE Test

Network Status Check

Run a Ping test for your network. See the exact values of data packet, maximum and minimum times for sending and receiving data.

Port Blinking

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into NF-8601S. Run the Port Flash mode. Locate the target port on a switch/router/panel.

External Data Storage

The product is shipped out with a 1GB TF card. You can save multiple data in the card without testing again. Meanwhile, exporting the data to a PC becomes easier.