NF-8601W Network Tester Product Display
NF-8601W Network Tester With 8 Remotes
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NF-8601W Network Tester Functions
NF-8601W Network Tester Continuity Check
NF-8601W Network Tester Cable Measurement
NOYAFA NF-8601W Multitasking Network Toner with Ethernet Speed Test (Ping Test & PoE)

NOYAFA NF-8601W Multitasking Network Toner with Ethernet Speed Test (Ping Test & PoE)

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Features & Benefits:

Buy the NOYAFA NF-8601W Multitasking Network Cable Tester, and start efficient and hassle-free network maintenance.

  • Multitasking Tester: Equipped with 8 compatible remotes, the NF-8601W effortlessly conducts continuity tests for up to 8 cables (RJ45 UTP/STP, RJ11, & Coax) across different rooms. Say goodbye to time-consuming walks, cable unplugging, and plugging – maintenance for bulk ethernet cables has never been easier or faster.
  • Cable Tracer with Toner: Effortlessly trace network cable wiring and pinpoint the destined port on a router or switch using the built-in tone feature. Leave no escape for any RJ45 cables.
  • Ethernet Port Locator: Swiftly identify ports through a flashing light generated by NF-8601W. Quickly locate the target port and cable on a router or switch, even amidst messy and bundled cables.
  • Ethernet Power Measure: Unveil the power supply of ethernet with a single tap and test the voltage effortlessly.
  • Cable Length Meter: Connect and measure the length of RJ45 & coax cables without manual intervention, significantly boosting efficiency.
  • Reliable tester: One of the greatest products made by the famous NOYAFA, upgrade network testing and tracing experience with accuracy and convenience.
  • Track Cables: RJ45, RJ11 BNC 
  • Measure cable length: RJ45, RJ11, BNC 
  • Check cable errors: RJ45, RJ11, BNC 
  • Power supply: Lithuim battery 
  • Display screen: Color 
  • High/Low frequency mode: √ 
  • Anti-current interference: √
  • Data exported to PC: √ 
  • Port flash: √ 
  • Scan on PoE switch: √ 
  • POE Detecting: √ 
  • Length Measure: 5 - 2000 meter /16 to 6,561ft
  • PING function: √
  • AC Voltage detecting: √ 
  • Remote units: 8pcs

Multitasking Network Tester

Run continuity test for up-to-8 network cables like RJ45, RJ11, and coaxial cables. Conduct cable tracing, PING test, PoE check, length measure, etc.

Understand NF-8601W

Quickly understand NF-8601W cable tester through the device buttons and feature diagrams.

Cable Continuity Test

Test the continuity of RJ45, RJ11, BNC cables, such as open, cross, short, split pair etc.

Port Flash

Put one side of the cable into PoE & PING ports, the other connects to the switch. Choose the "Port Flash" and enter the function. You can see a red circle from the screen and it will flash the same frequency as the LED lights on the switch, than means this is the target cable.

Cable Length Test

Put one side of the cable to the main port, disconnect the far end of the cable. And the length measurement accuracy is more than 98%.

Cable Length Calibration

As the cable material are different, there might be some different in testing the cable length. So we need to calibrate the cable. Use a cable which is more than 10 meter, then enter the calibration function to measure the length. When we get the result, then save the data to the device. And the data can be loaded out while we measure length next time.

Power Test

Test which pin of the network cable is providing the power.


Test network signal and the cable is connected or not.


Cable installation and networking maintainance.