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NOYAFA NF-521 Cheap Thermal Imaging Camera For House Inspection

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Features & Benefits:

  • High Accuracy with Wide Range: Detects -20°C to 400°C / -4°F to 752°F with 98% accuracy Tackle diverse situations with confidence and accuracy.
  • Wide Field-of-view: Captures 33° of view for each measurement. Never let go of the information of each target object. Measure thoroughly.
  • Adjustable Thermal Vision: Expect the basic Infrared vision, NF-521 provides 3 advanced imaging fusion modes that combine thermal infrared images with visual images to provide a better view of different environments.
  • Various Color Palettes: 7 color palettes help visually interpret and effectively differentiate temperature variances within a scene.
  • Real-time Imaging and Analysis: Gain insights into temperature patterns with instant imaging and analysis. NF-521 provides on-the-fly data to support quick decision-making.
  • Data Collection and Storage: Installed with a TF memory card of 16GB. Captures and saves images and data for bulk and further analysis and report.
  • No learning Curve: Measure effortlessly and accurately with 4 easy buttons. Accessing advanced functions and adjusting settings has never been easier.
  • Decent Quality with Friendly Price: At nearly the cheapest price, NF-521 combines superior performance and durability. Experience top-tier features without breaking the bank.
  • Resolution: 32*32(1024 pixels)
  • FOV: 33° horizontal
  • Frame rate:≤9Hz
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 400°C / -4°F to 752°F
  • Visible light camera: 2 megapixels
  • Fusion Modes: Infrared mode, infrared edge detection mode, Dual light fusion mode, and Visible light mode.
  • Color palettes: Iron red, cold color, black heat, rainbow, red heat, white heat, and lava.
  • Infrared spectral bandwidth: 8~14μm
  • IFOV: 18 mrad
  • Thermal imaging sensitivity: 150mk
  • Image Format: BMP
  • Screen: LCD
  • Display resolution: 320*240
  • Battery: 3.7V 2600 mAh
  • Storage: 16GB TF card
  • Drop proof: 1 meter / 3.28 feet
  • Size: 60*120*210 mm

NOYAFA NF-521 Unboxing Video

NF-521 Cheap Infrared Image Camera General Intro

Affordable Easy-to-use IR Imager

Uncompromising convenience and performance at a budget-friendly price. Simplify inspections effortlessly.

Good Performance

Though this is a cheap thermal imager, NF-521 still gives out good performance. It supports a 1024 pixels resolution and fits a 16GB memory card for file storage.

Cheap Thermal Imaging Camera High Performance
NF-521 Large FOV with High Definition

33° Horizontal FOV

Supports a FOV (Field of view) of 33° and 2-mega-pixel resolution, NF-521 will display as many as details for inspectors.

Clear Display

Real-time display the hot and cold areas on the clear color screen. Find out the issue easily.

NF-521 IR Image Camera Details
NF-521 Infrared Image Camera Color Palletes & Vision modes

Image Fusion & Color Pallete

Choose 1 from 4 image fusion modes and 1 from 7 color palletes to make the inspection easy to tell.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Homeowners, engineers, inspectors, and agents can check the status of the house with NF-521 easily. Check the leaks and faults uninvasively.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection With NF-521 Cheap Thermal Imager
NF-521 Cheap IR Image Camera For Electrical Inspection

IR Electrical Inspection

Easily launch an IR electrical inspection and find out the fault wires, circuits, panels and other electrical components.

Leak Inspection

Make hidden water leaks visible. Locate leak spots with simple steps.

Leak Inspection with NF-521 Thermal Imager
Check Heating System Leaks With NF-521 IR Image Camera

HVAC Leak Detection

Quickly detect heat or cold loss in a house. See if windows, walls, doors, or the HVAC components cause leaks in minutes.

Rooftop Inspection

Without examining the rooftop inch-by-inch, quickly run a complete checkup for insulation and leaking status.

NF-521 Cheap Infrared Image Camera For Body Temperature

IR Imager Camera for Animals

NF-521 helps locate targets in dark and cold indoors and outdoors. Find lost pets easily. Make hunting fast.

USB Charging

Long Battery life

The device is installed with a 2600mAh battery that makes it work for a long time. When the power drains out, charge the device with a USB cable. And it will back to work in 1 hour.

NOYAFA Thermal Imager USB Charging
NF-521 Thermal Imaging Output

Video & Picture Output

NF-521 can capture pictures and record thermal imaging videos. Choose the output format you like and save them locally.