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NF-521S Handheld Infrared Imaging Camera For Home Inspection
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NOYAFA NF-521S Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera for Home Inspection

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Features & Benefits:

  • All-in-one for Home Inspection: With accurate measurement, fast analysis, and clear IR vision, NF-521S is a handy and efficient imager tool for home inspection. Supports electrical, plumbing, heating, and rooftop inspection, pet search, hunting, and more.
  • Auto Tracking: Using algorithms optimized for thermal imaging, NF-521S captures the heat footprint of all objects in a wide area, allowing you to detect cold and hot spots between -20°C to 400°C/ -4°F to 752°F.
  • Flexible Infrared Vision: 8 color palettes and 5 imaging modes help precisely indicate objects' temperature differences. Spot out the cold and hot area with a glance.
  • Upgraded Resolution & FOV: Compared to NF-521, NF-521S displays IR images in 120*90 resolution on a 2.8-in LCD screen. With a wider 38° of FOV for enhanced visibility, this decent infrared imager makes measurement comprehensive.
  • Real-time Analysis & Software Support: Displays values of temperatures and shows differences in each area for immediate analysis. For bulk and further evaluation, export the saved images to the NOYAFA software.
  • Customer-first Design: Clear buttons, simple terms, intuitive UI, compact size, IP54 water resist, and 2m (7ft) fall resist make NF-521S handy and durable. One forever.
  • Model: NF-521S
  • Resolution: 120 * 90
  • Infrared spectral bandwidth: 8~14μm
  • Frame rate: 25Hz
  • NETD: <70mK@25℃
  • FOV: 38°X 50°
  • Emissivity: 0.1~0.99
  • temperature: -20℃ ~ 400℃ /-4°F - 752°F
  • Measurement accuracy: +/-2℃or +/-2% of reading
  • Screen size: 2.8 inches
  • Image modes: Edge fusion, Superimposed fusion, Picture-in-Picture,
    Single Infrared, Single Visible Light
  • Color palettes: Iron Red, Rainbow, Red hot, Black hot, white hot, High contrast, green hot,lava pattern.
  • Temperature measurement: Support the highest point, the lowest point, the center point temperature measurement in the whole screen and the regional temperature measurement.
  • Visible light camera: one million pixels
  • Visble field angle: H=83° V=55°
  • Interface: USB-C (Charging and data transfer)
  • Battery: 2600 mAh lithium battery
  • Capacity: 8G bulit*in memory
  • Image / video format: JPEG/Mp4
  • Automatic shutdown: Yes
  • Certification: CE
  • Storage temperature: -20℃~65℃
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~60℃
  • Drop proof: 2m/ 6.5ft
  • Net weight: 310g

NOYAFA NF-521S Unboxing Video

Auto Focus & Track

Infrared Imaging for Home Inspection

Detect heat loss, poor insulation, water leaks, and more inspection with NF-521S easily.

NF-521S Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Features
NF-521S Infrared Imaging Display

Fast Temperature Comparison

Auto instant focus and track hot amd cold spots. Display values of temperature quickly.

For All Purposes

Get one infrared imager and fix all these issues:

  • Circuit maintenance
  • Pipeline inspection
  • HVAC overhaul
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Pet search
  • Night vision
  • Anti-candid
  • Appliance repair
  • Car troubleshooting
NF-521S Thermal Imaging Purposes
NF-521S Thermal Imaging on LCD Display

IR Image on HD LCD

A 2.8-inch LCD screen makes all details of the IR images easy to see. Identify faults without hassle.

Pictures & Video Analysis

NF-521S captures objects' temperatures in two formats: videos and pictures. Save the media files locally for further analysis.

NF-521S Thermal Imaging Output Formats
NF-521S Thermal Imaging Camera Color Palettes

8 Color Palettes

There're 8 coloring modes to make the imaging clearer: Iron red, White heat, Black heat, Rainbow, Red heat, Cool blue, Green heat, Lava.

Ultimate Solution for Inspection

With NF-521S Thermal Imaigng Camera, homeowners can start an inspection right away. Easily identify the potential issues in your house!

NF-521S Thermal Imaging Camera for House Inspection
NF-521S Large Field of View

Wide Angle Lens

With a FOV of 38°, we can easily observe large areas and quickly scan the target with NF-521S.

Leak Detection

Qucik leak detection with NF-521S. Fix the plumbing issues accordingly.

NF-521S Thermal Imaging for Water Leak
NF-521S Thermal Imaging for Rooftop

Insulation Checkup

Suspecting heat loss in the house? Use NF-521S to check the rooptop, doors, and windows to find the area.

HVAC Diagnostic

Anything wrong with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Run a quick and complete diagnostic with NF-521S to find all fault components.

NF-521S Thermal Imaging for House Heating System