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NOYAFA NF-825TMR Advanced Circuit Tracer & Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester

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Features & Benefits:

  • 6-in-1 Electrical Kit: NF-825TMR is a multifunction electrical circuit tracing and testing kit. With 3 components and provided accessories, you can trace circuits or electric wires, locate circuit breakers, detect wiring faults, test outlets, find network cables, and detect voltage.
  • Circuit Tracer: Trace a live (energized) or open (de-energized) circuit, conduit or pipes, and a single wire in a bundle. The probe and tone generator will precisely indicate the wiring through a drywall, cement block, and underground.
  • Wire Fault Locator: NF-825TMR tells the location of short circuits in cables and wires without breaking the wall and ceiling.
  • Circuit Breaker Finder: Plug the Outlet Tester part into an outlet with the adapter and find the corresponding circuit breaker in the box with the toner probe.
  • GFCI Outlet Tester: Plug and detect the wiring status of an outlet without uncapping. Indicates the fault directly without manual checking, making re-wiring easy and fast.
  • RJ45 Network Cable Tracer: Track down the whereabouts of a network cable with a network toner.
  • Contactless Voltage Detector: The probe of the Receiver part can serve as a voltage detector. Identify if an object carries electric flow before starting repair. Make working safe and sound.
  • Fair Price, Complete Package: We provide every accessory needed like alligator clips, adapter cables and plugs and a type-C charging cable. With all the necessary kits, this product is sold at an amicable price.

Model: NF-825TMR

AC Circuit & Wire Tracer:

  • Voltage Range: 90V - 120V
  • Interface Type: Alligator clips for metal wires; adapter plug for 3-pin outlet
  • Max Tracing Dis: 200m / 656ft
  • Frequency: 157KHz
  • Max Detecting Depth: 0.5m/0.5ft
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 6 levels

CIrcuit Breaker Tracking:

  • Probe detecting dis: 2-3 cm

Outlet Tester:

Voltage range: AC 90V-250V, 50/60KHz

Network Cable Hunting Test

  • Network Cable Type: CAT5/CAT6
  • Interface: RJ45
  • Emission Frequency: 455 KHz
  • Launch Distance: 600m

NCV Tester:

  • AC90V~1000V 50/60Hz

LED Lighting: Yes

Power Supply Mode: 7.4V 700mA lithium battery

Charging Method: DC 5V 1A Type-C

Operating Temperature: 32~122°F(0~50°C)

Storage Temperature: 14~122°F(-10~50°C)

Operating Humidity: ≤90%non-condensing

Transmitter Size: 72*34*148 mm

Receiver Size: 40*34*205 mm

Live Circuit Tracing

NF-825TMR is suitable for a variety of tasks from installing new wires and outlets, repairing interruption circuits, finding circuit locations for drilling, etc.

NF-825TMR Tracing Electric Circuit In Wall

Easy Tracing

To trace a circuit from an outlet, simply connect the adapter plug of NF-825TMR. No uncapping the outlet or exposing the wires.

NF-825TMR Adjustable Scanning Sensitivity Probe

Adjustable Toner

The toner probe is available for an adjustable scanning sensitivity.

While launch a tracing, keep a less sensitive level to locate a wire roughly. As we hear the beeping sound made by the toner, turn up the sensitivity to locate the wiring precisely.

NF-825TMR Transmitter Device & RJ45 Network Cable Tracer

Multifunctional Transmitter

When tracing a live circuit, boot the Transmitter to Live mode. For a de-energized circuit, turn on the SCAN mode. To trace a newwork cable, SCAN mode will help.

Hidden Wire Tracking

Whether the wires is buried in a drywall or underground, live or open, NF-825TMR will find it quickly.

NF-825TMR Tracking Hidden Wires

GFCI Outlet Tester

Plug in the Outlet Tester part into a outlet or socket. The device will indicate the wiring status of the power cord immediately.

NF-825TMR Locating MCBs

Miniature Circuit Breaker Finder

With NF-825TMR, easily identify circuit breakers for specific circuits. Connect the Outlet Tester part to a power outlet and using the Receiver probe to locate the MCB in the box.

Voltage Detector Probe of NF-825TMR

Voltage Detector Probe

Lower the risk of electrical tasks. Set the Receiver probe to NCV mode to make it a non-contact voltage detector. Hover the probe to objects to see if it carries electricity.

Network Cable Tracing

NF-825TMR can also used as a network cable tester. Connect a RJ45 cable to the Transmitter and use the Receiver probe to find the location of this cable.

NF-825TMR RJ45 Network Cable Tracer

Tracing Cable on PoE Switch

Connect one end of the cable to NF-825TMR. Attach the toner probe to every connect cable in a PoE device. The sound will tell you the exact port or wire you're looking for.

NF-825TMR Tracking Network Cable On PoE Switch