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NOYAFA NF-825TMR Advanced Circuit Tracer & Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester

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Features & Benefits:

  • 6-in-1 Electrical Kit: NF-825TMR is a multifunction electrical circuit tracing and testing kit. With 3 components and provided accessories, you can trace circuits or electric wires, locate circuit breakers, detect wiring faults, test outlets, find network cables, and detect voltage.
  • Circuit Tracer: Trace a live (energized) or open (de-energized) circuit, conduit or pipes, and a single wire in a bundle. The probe and tone generator will precisely indicate the wiring through a drywall, cement block, and underground.
  • Wire Fault Locator: NF-825TMR tells the location of short circuits in cables and wires without breaking the wall and ceiling.
  • Circuit Breaker Finder: Plug the Outlet Tester part into an outlet with the adapter and find the corresponding circuit breaker in the box with the toner probe.
  • GFCI Outlet Tester: Plug and detect the wiring status of an outlet without uncapping. Indicates the fault directly without manual checking, making re-wiring easy and fast.
  • RJ45 Network Cable Tracer: Track down the whereabouts of a network cable with a network toner.
  • Contactless Voltage Detector: The probe of the Receiver part can serve as a voltage detector. Identify if an object carries electric flow before starting repair. Make working safe and sound.
  • Fair Price, Complete Package: We provide every accessory needed like alligator clips, adapter cables and plugs and a type-C charging cable. With all the necessary kits, this product is sold at an amicable price.

Model: NF-825TMR

AC Circuit & Wire Tracer:

  • Voltage Range: 90V - 120V
  • Interface Type: Alligator clips for metal wires; adapter plug for 3-pin outlet
  • Max Tracing Dis: 200m / 656ft
  • Frequency: 157KHz
  • Max Detecting Depth: 0.5m/0.5ft
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 6 levels

CIrcuit Breaker Tracking:

  • Probe detecting dis: 2-3 cm

Outlet Tester:

Voltage range: AC 90V-250V, 50/60KHz

Network Cable Hunting Test

  • Network Cable Type: CAT5/CAT6
  • Interface: RJ45
  • Emission Frequency: 455 KHz
  • Launch Distance: 600m

NCV Tester:

  • AC90V~1000V 50/60Hz

LED Lighting: Yes

Power Supply Mode: 7.4V 700mA lithium battery

Charging Method: DC 5V 1A Type-C

Operating Temperature: 32~122°F(0~50°C)

Storage Temperature: 14~122°F(-10~50°C)

Operating Humidity: ≤90%non-condensing

Transmitter Size: 72*34*148 mm

Receiver Size: 40*34*205 mm

Strong Electricity Tracking

NF-825TMR is suitable for a variety of tasks from installing outdoor wiring layout or house decoration wire layout to home appliance maintenance, wire maintenance, and more.


Enter the "SCAN" mode byy turning the slide switch to "SCAN" position, power indicator turns red, insert one end of the RJ45 network cable into the tracking port.


Short press the "SCAN" button when in "SCAN" mode, the indicator will turn green when the probe approaching the cable, the receiver will give off.

Tracing Cable on PoE Switch

NF-825 makes tracing network cables faster and more effortless.

Digital Circuit Breaker Positioning

With NF-825 you can easily identify circuit breakers in electric circuits. All you need to do is to connect transmitter 2 to a power outlet in the particular circuit and the receiver will automatically locate the circuit breaker.

Socket Test

You can test the cable connection status inside a socket by connecting transmitter 2 to a power outlet. GFCI tester detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles.

MCBs Detection

You can mark the line by connecting Transmitter 2/Transmitter 1 to a power outlet.
Use the receiver to find the circuit breaker of the corresponding line in the electrical box

Locate Cables Faults Underground

find the location of interruptions and short circuits in cables and electrical lines.

NCV Induction Pen

NF-825 power pen detects whether any device or location has power. It is suitable for non-contact detection of voltage and testing. For example, to detect whether the newly installed socket is powered on.

Rechargeable Battery

Power Supply Mode: 7.4V 700mA lithium battery