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NOYAFA NF-588E Thermal Camera for Android with High-Resolution and High-Speed

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Features & Benefits:

  • High-definition IR camera: Supports 256*192 output resolution, NF-588 will give you clear and vivid thermal imaging.
  • Long-range detection & Night vision: Detects objects or lives from hundreds of feet/meters away even at night. Display directly and clearly on the screen for hunting and searching purposes.
  • High-speed IR camera: Lock high-speed moving objects with GPS positioning, laser indication, crosshair division, and hotspot tracking.
  • Reliable Mobile Thermal Camera: Available to work in various complex situations with a 40°C to 85°C working temperature, 8 - 14 μm spectrum precise hotspot tracking, exceptional thermal sensitivity (< 50mK @25°C), IP54 waterproof and dustproof design, and a high-definition 10nm lens.
  • Easy and Handy Capture: Connect NF-588 to your phone and start to capture images in thermal vision. Plug and use. No complex steps at all!
  • Versatile Tool: Perfect for various activities including housing inspection, industrial checkup, wilderness survival, night hiking, social media live streaming, and animal search.
  • Compact & Portable: Compact and lightweight, the NF-588 offers the convenience of a watch-sized device, making it easy to carry and use.
  • Budget Thermal Camera: Costs only half of the money of other HD mobile thermal cameras. Delivers better experience and quality for users.

  • Model: NF-588E
  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Focus Type: Manual Focus
  • Finderscope: Reflex
  • Infrared Resolution: 256*192
  • Wavelength coverage: 8-14um
  • Frame rage: 25Hz
  • NETD: <50mk@25°C
  • FOV: 17.5° * 13.2°
  • Focal length: 10mm
  • Focusing method: Fixed focus
  • Ditital zoom: 1X - 4X (adjust with screen gestures)
  • Temperature tracking: Yes
  • Color palettes: Iron red, rainbox, white hot, black hot, cool blue, red hot
  • GPS location: Longitude and latitude, speed and altitude information
  • Compass: Yes
  • Screen rorate: Yes
  • Photograph: Yes
  • Video: Yes
  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Working Temp: -20°C - 60°C
  • Storage Temp: -40°C - 85°C
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Size: 30*30*19mm

Advanced Mobile Infrared Camera

Enjoy multiple features in one tiny gadget at a friendly budget.

NOYAFA NF588E Mobile Thermal Imager Intro
NOYAFA NF588E Mini Mobile Thermal Imager

Mini Gadget With Immense power

Get this coin-sized thermal imaging camera for your Android phone. Monitor and spot everything unusual in seconds.

HD IR Imaging

With 3 steps, capture IR images in 256*192 high-definition (In IR standard). Make your measurement, searching, and inspection faster than ever.

Long-distance IR Scanning

What is the max detect range of NF-588E? 10 meters? No! 100? No! It's 1000 meters!

Clear Display for Long-range

Effortlessly captures images and scenes beyond the reach of the human eye. Locate heat target hundreds of meter away.

Advanced Lens

All precise and clear IR measurement and display come with solid technical support: The high-tech NOYAFA self-developed lens.

Ourdoor Infrared Inspection

For ourdoor activities like hunting, hiking, and searching, NF-588E tells you the exact locations of each wild animal. Expose any risk before turning into damage.

Adjustable Color Palletes

Choose one from 6 color palettes to make the IR vision vivid, clear, and eye-catching. Never let go of any details.

Flexible Usage

Besides a direct connection via the USB port and cord, NF-588E supports cable connection for a more flexible capture.


IP54 waterproof, dustproof, and 2-meter fall resistance are the very reasons why NF-588E conquers all situations at ease.

Compatible with All Conditions

Coldness, moisture, height, and heat will not stop NF-588E from working normally. It will continue to display IR imagers at its best.