NOYAFA NF-271 Laser Distance Measurer Meter 50M/70M
NOYAFA NF-271 Laser Distance Measurer Meter 50M/70M
NOYAFA NF-271 Laser Distance Measurer Meter 50M/70M
NOYAFA NF-271 Laser Distance Measurer Meter 50M/70M

NOYAFA NF-271 Laser Distance Measurer Meter 50M/70M

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Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-function: Distance/ Area/Volume measurement. Unit m / ft / in / ft + in. Units and benchmark selectable.
  • Practical accessory: Pythagorean proposition indirect measurementt, fast and accurate (accuracy ±2mm).
  • Accurate measurement: Single/Continuous measurement, plus/minus measurement and automatic horizontal/vertical measurement.
  • Large storage: Up to 99 sets of data can be stored. Backlit LCD screen FSTN, easy to read the measurement results.
  • Product use: Used in the field of interior design/decoration technology/construction supervision/on-site inspection functions/real estate/fire protection/industry planning assessment.
  • Certification: Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • 100% Affordable: Manufactured in China and a lot cheaper than competitor products with similar quality.
  • Model: NF-271
  • Test Range: 50/70m
  • Accuracy: +/-1.5 mm
  • Min&Max measurement: Yes
  • Single/Continuous measurement: Yes
  • Distance/ Area/Volume measurement: Yes
  • Pythagorean Proposition measurement: Yes
  • Addition /Subtraction measurement: Yes
  • Unit Switch: Yes
  • Benchmark Switch: Yes
  • Hint Tone: Yes
  • Data Storage: Yes
  • Power Supply: 3*AAA
NOYAFA NF-271 Buttons

Product Howto

  • Power on the device by long-pressing Clear.
  • Start to measure the length with the MEAS button.
  • To use different measurement mode, press Menu.

Easy Carry

Designed to be a pocket-size decide, you can bring it anywhere and measure the length of anything easily.

NOYAFA NF-271 Parameters
NOYAFA NF-271 Measurement Mode

Versatile Measure

Apart from an easy distance measure from Point A to B, the product also supports measurement and calculation for area, volume, and pythagorean.

Area Measurement

Press the Menu button to enter the Area Measurement mode. Then, hit MEAS to measure the length and width of the target area. NF-271 will have the value of the area in secs.

NOYAFA NF-271 Area Measurement
NOYAFA NF-271 Volume Measurement

Volume Measurement

Boot up the Volume Measurement mode. Press the MEAS button to get the values of the target length, width, and height. The volume will be on the screen soon.

Pythagorean Measurement

Get into the Pythagorean Measurement mode. Use the MEAS to get the values of three sides of a triangle. And the device will work out the value for the height.

NOYAFA NF-271 Pythagorean Measurement

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