NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Package
NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Clamps Tester QC heads
NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Display
NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Cable Tester
NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Clamp Details
NOYAFA Network Kits NF-1304 Clamp Details

Network Toolkit NF-1304

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Features & Benefits

  • Economical and practical engineering wiring tool kit.
  • Cable crimping, stripping, tapping, tracing, continuity testing.
  • Network Cable Tester -Used for verifying RJ11/RJ45 cables, Includes a master and remote unit and will check for continuity, miswiring, open circuit, shorts, etc.(Can also be used for RJ11,RJ12 cables as well)
  • Network Cable Stripper-Strip the outer jacket of the LAN cable, flat telephone cable, removable coax cartridge for RG59-6-11-7, and many specialty Audio cables.
  • RJ45 Plug Crimp Make your own patch cords/leads up using this heavy-duty hand tool.
  • Certification. Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • 100% Affordable. It is Made in China and more affordable than competitor products with similar quality.

Item model: NF-1304
Description of Goods: LAN Cable tester *1, 3-in-1 crimping tool *1, 6" Neele-nose Pliers *1, 6" Diagonal Pliers *1, 8P module plug *1, Carry bag *1,
Mini Wire stripper *1, Utility Knife 18mm *1, Cross screwdriver *1, Slotted screwdriver *1, 9V Battery *1
Unit (g): 1308
Ctn (kg): 17
Pcs/Ctn: 12
Ctn Size(cm):61.5*31.4*40.5

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