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Factory Price Noyafa JMS-25 Contactless Digital Breathalyzer

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Features & Benefits:

  • Data Accuracy - With the equipped sensor, alcohol concentration in exhaled breath can be detected (0-0.19%BAC, 0-0.95mg/L)
  • Quick test - Wait ten seconds after turning on the switch.
  • Push cover layout - Filter impurities in the air, more accurate detection accuracy
  • High-definition color screen - easy reading of test results in three colors
  • Result alert - Test result alert tone 'de...'
  • Longer battery life - About 300 tests on a single charge, recharging support
  • Portable design- Weighs only 50g, fits easily in any pocket

Mini Alcohol Detector

MiniatureI Accurate LED display

High Precision Chip Intelligent Sensor

Filtering out other impurities leaves only the alcohol test more accurate

Breathalyzer Test

Easily know the alcohol concentration in body

Alcohol Concentration Comparison Table

Blowing Test

Avoid Blowpipe Breeding of Bacteria

Three-Color Display

Alcohol results are clear at a glance

Rechargeable Batteries

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