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NOYAFA NF-B509 Wire & Cable Tracker with Digital Multimeter

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Features & Benefits:

  • Toolbox for electrical & network engineers: Equip yourself with the versatile NF-B509 – one gadget to diagnose network and electrical components, from wires, cables, outlets, to ports, panels, and switches.
  • Network cable tester: Swiftly run continuity checks for RJ45 UTP/STP network cables, identifying wiring issues within seconds.
  • Wire tracer: Effortlessly trace the location of a network cable using a probe and tone generator, making cable identification across different rooms a breeze.
  • Length meter: Measure RJ45 cables easily, eliminating manual measurements and saving valuable time.
  • Ethernet tester: Connect and test ethernet status with detailed on-screen information, including voltage providers and standards.
  • Router port locator: Locate a port connected with a cable in a router or other ethernet switch. Easily spot the target via a flashing light.
  • Digital Multimeter: Connect the tester pins to unveil MF-B509's digital multimeter capabilities. Test the voltage and current (AC/DC) directly. Run electric diagnostics easily and fast.
  • Model: NF-B509
  • Main functions: Network cable tester, tracer, length meter; PoE test and port locator; digital multimeter and non-contact voltage detector
  • Auto-off: Yes


  • Continuity tester: 2000m or 6,561ft max test range
  • Cable length meter: 5-200m (±3m) or 16-656ft(±9ft)
  • Port locator: 10M, 100M, or 1000M
  • PoE: 4 or 8 pins power tester; voltage test
  • NCV: 0 to 4 levels
  • Temperature Measure: Yes
  • Resistor Measure: 600Ω - 60MΩ (±1.0%+5)
  • Voltage Measure: 600mV to 610V (DC: ±0.5%+3 ; AC: ±0.5%+3)
  • Current Measure: 1mA - 3A DC ( ±0.8%+3)
  • Power: 3.7V/1500mAh lithium battery
  • Dimension: 137.5*76*34


  • LED: Yes
  • Earphone jack: Yes
  • Max Working Current: 150mA
  • Power: DC9V
  • Dimension: 204.9*38*29

Wire Tracker & Tester with Multimeter

Get one to run electrical and networking checkup at home or workplaces easily.

Buy 1 for various features

Crafted to be the ultimate assistant, it aspires to be the unmatched solution for our customers, setting the standard as the NO.1 helper in your toolkit.

High-sensitive Probe

Find cables with a sensitive probe toner. Never let go of the network cable even if it passes different rooms.

Adjustable Scan Strength

To trace a cable from a bundle, adjust the scanning strength to find it precisely.

Wiring Bug Identification

When your network is down, run a cable test to find out the error type and fix the cable. Get your network back soon.

Length Measure

Plug and measure the cable length with zero skills. Easily tell how long a cable is and if it's enough for installation.

Voltage Protection for Ethernet Check

Run an ethernet status check with NF-B509. Don't worry even if the ethernet cables are electrical.

Resistance Test

Install the tester pins to the device and make it a multimeter. Tap a wire with the pins to run a quick resistance test.

Current Measure

How big the electric flow is? Find it out with NF-B509 multimeter set.

Voltage Tester

One tap to identify the voltage on electrical parts. Diagnosis done!

Clear display

All results will be clearly displayed on the LCD screen. Find details at ease.

LED lighting

In dark corners or at night, turn on the light on the probe to trace wires easily.

Long-term Available

Power gone? Charge it and it will back to function in minutes.

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