The first extension of NOYAFA's own brand, the main push detector series new products

Posted on: March 03,2022

On February 18, 2022, Shenzhen NOYAFA, a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of communication network testing, integrated wiring and instrumentation products, recently announced that in order to expand the company's business scope, it will officially launch a series of detectors.


Data shows that more than 80% of hotels in Japan and South Korea have installed pinhole cameras. In response to market demand, NOYAFA officially launched the detector series.

It utilizes the principles of physical optics, supplemented by a strong light source, and can easily find eavesdropping devices quickly and accurately. Mainly portable and easy to carry, long battery life. It can be detected at a long distance, has ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and also has a warning alarm function to protect the critical moment of travel.


There are 6 products in this series, NF-TO1, NF-TO2, NF-TO3, S16, G318, M8000. The six products are divided into different grades according to price and performance to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Low grade

NF-TO1, NF-TO2, NF-TO3 cost-effective, LED infrared scanning, fast locking, anti-peeping.



M8000 as a high-end product. Wide frequency range and strong detection ability. All metal body, high signal-to-noise ratio. Automatic detection, efficient and trouble-free, magnetic probe, convenient and fast.The standout advantage is that it has an external antenna and probe. The RF mode has an automatic search function that can accurately detect suspicious devices in the nearby area.


G318 is a mid-to-high-end product. High sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability. It is a professional radio wave detection equipment with high sensitivity and adjustable threshold. In addition, the wireless signal detection mode can adjust the sensitivity, which can confirm the location of suspicious wireless devices more quickly.



The S16 is a mid-range offering. With unlimited infrared smart camera detection function, the battery life is about 10 days. Small and convenient, easy to operate. There is also a sensitivity adjustment knob on the side of the fuselage, which is convenient for one-handed operation.


As an independent innovation enterprise, NOYAFA has an integrated R&D, manufacturing and sales system. At present, NOYAFA has been involved in instruments such as rangefinders, rangefinders, rangefinders, engineering treasures, thermal Imagers, etc., and has been committed to exploring more fields, showing great potential in the industry.