NOYAFA launched Car Audio DB Meter ,Test the Car Noise Levels DB

The Digital Deciber Meter Clarity test DB ,Outdoor Noise test ,Speech in Noise test

The noise meter introduced by Noyafa uses advanced DSP technology to pass the accuracy measurement requirements of ANSI and IECType 2.

Various environmental measurements, such as noise measurements in factories, public places, and electronic products. Measurement range is 30-130dB, dynamic detection: 70 dB.

How it’s working?

The noise meter consists of a highly sensitive microphone, preamplifier, attenuator, amplifier, class A frequency weighting network, display, etc. The sensor converts the sound into an electrical signal, which is then adjusted and changed into an impedance by the preamp, and the attenuator synchronizes the data with the microphone. The electrical signal processed in the previous part is then intelligently optimized and adjusted by the frequency weighting network to adjust the sound pressure level to reach a certain signal amplitude and finally display the noise on the indicator.

What is a Frequency Weighting?

In the measuring instrument, the objective sound pressure level of different frequencies is artificially given an appropriate increase or decrease, this correction method is called frequency weighting, and the network that realizes this frequency weighting is called a weighting network.

The frequency weighting network in the decibel meter has three standardFrequency Weighting, A, B, and C.

A network simulates the response of the human ear to the 40dB HL in the equal-loudness curve. Its curve shape is opposite to the 340 dB HL loudness curve, so that the middle and low frequency bands of the electrical signal have greater attenuation.

The B network simulates the response of the human ear to a 70dB HL , which makes the low frequency band of the electrical signal attenuated to a certain extent.

The C network simulates the human ear's response to a 100 dB HL , with a nearly flat response over the entire audio frequency range.

A, B, and C Frequency Weighting,

The sound level measured by the Frequency Weighting is called the weighted sound level, which is a subjective evaluation quantity to measure the strength of noise.

Measurement application range:

Environmental noise measurement, urban environmental noise measurement, industrial enterprise noise measurement, construction site noise measurement, motor vehicle noise measurement, railway locomotive radiation noise measurement, ship noise measurement, aircraft noise measurement, etc.



It is a portable and friendly Mini Sound Level Meter. measures sound level 30dBA ~ 130dBA.

It has auto range, wide measuring and frequency range (31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz), maximum hold, Frequency Weighting A and Auto Backlight. Just press one button and readings are instantly displayed. A practical little tool great for noise pollution monitoring, home theater setup, health and safety compliance, vehicle noise testing, etc.

Auto backlight when theenvironment gettingbright,the light sensor will turn up the light of the LCD. Lighting display intensifies as the environment lighting condition gets darker. The darker the environment the brighter the illumination. Also, it reads in dBA and provides a windscreen to filter-out unwanted signals.


  • Measuring Range: 30 ~ 130dBA
  • Accuracy: ±1.5dB
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Frequency Range: 31.5HZ ~ 8.5KHZ
  • Frequency Weighting: A
  • Sampling Frequency: 2 times/sec
  • Digital Display: 4 digits
  • Microphone: 1/2" Electret Condenser microphone
  • Operating Condition
  • Temperature: 0~40°C (32 ~ 104 °F)
  • Humidity: 10~80% RH
  • Storage Condition
  • Temperature: -10~60°C (14 ~ 140 °F)
  • Humidity: 10~70% RH
  • Power Supply: 1 x 9V Battery (Not included)
  • Package size: 55 x 32 x 149mm



This portable decibel meter is designed with a windshield, which can detect the distance of 1~1.5m from the sound source and filter the influence of wind on the sound.

Can measure sound levels from 30 to 130dB. You can choose between fast and slow measurement modes, and the maximum value will be displayed automatically.

If no operation is performed for ten minutes, it will automatically shut down.

4700 test records can be stored. And it can be connected to a PC, which is convenient for copying and transferring data


  • Electret condenser microphone
  • LCD display
  • Power switch
  • Level range control switch :30 ~ 80 dB, 40 ~ 90 dB,50 ~ 100 dB, 60 ~ 110dB , 70 ~ 120 dB , 30 ~ 130 dB
  • Maximum value gold switch:
  • A - Weighting for general sound level measurements
  • B - weighting for checking the low frequency content of noise
  • Time weight select switch :
  • Fast : for normal measurements
  • Slow : for check average level of fluctuating noise
  • AC output terminal: 10mv /dB
  • Dc output terminal : output 10 mv/dB
  • Mini SD card jacket
  • Mini USB jacket
  • Sponge Ball



This professional decibel meter uses a condenser microphone and an A-weighting network (simulating the human ear) to measure professional decibel data.

Choose fast/slow response rate, its measurement range is 30dB~130dB, hold the Max/Min lock decibel data.

Day and night mode, different screen display modes can be used in different environments. Read test results more clearly.

10 minutes automatic shutdown


  • Measuring Range: 30 ~ 130dBA
  • Accuracy: ±1.5dB
  • Resolution: 0.1dB,( Sampling frequency 2 times/second)
  • Frequency Range: 31.5HZ ~ 8.5KHZ
  • Frequency Weighting: A

It is mainly used for sound measurement and recording, and can measure the sound intensity of the surrounding environment.

Whether you are a professional or a non-professional, this decibel meter can be equipped, if suddenly there is an engineer on a quiet afternoon, or the neighbors are building, making a lot of noise, maybe you can't negotiate with them. At this time, take out the noise meter to measure the level of noise in decibels, and save the evidence to file a complaint with the environmental protection department.

If you are a professional engineer, the noise meterThe noise meter will be the standard for whether the machine is working.If the refrigerator is working too loudly then he must be at fault somewhere。Of course, too much noise can also affect a person's mental health.