Noyafa Uploaded The Best and Affordable Measuring Wheel than Lowes

Posted on: May 25,2022

Measuring the complex terrain with the measuring wheel is as easy as eating cake.

Noyafa uploaded the rangefinder wheels NF-160 & NF-318. The distance measuring wheel is a tool for measuring distance by using the rotation of the wheel. Usually, the distance is measured on a large area of irregular ground where laser rangefinders, tape measures and GPS positioning rangefinders cannot be used.

The rangefinder wheel consists of a bracket, a wheel, and a rangefinder. The wheels are mounted on the bracket. The wheel is pushed on the ground, where the perimeter distance of the wheel will be recorded by the rangefinder. So you can see on the LCD screen on the handle, the distance of the path the wheel has traveled.


Of course, this measuring wheel can also be used on flat roads. In a relatively open place, when the laser rangefinder is used, there is no wall to reflect the laser beam, so the laser rangefinder cannot obtain data. It is also very easy to push the gauge wheel for long distance measurements.


In some specific cases, it is more convenient to use than a tape measure. The flexibility of the steel tape measure is affected to some extent, and the degree of bending is affected. (Of course, it is more convenient to use a tape measure for short distances). There is no need to bend all the time to use the gauge wheel, just turn on the machine at the starting point of the measurement and push it forward until the destination. You get the data for this distance.


Applicable places:


Can be used for landscape construction measurement

Construction Surveying for Golf Courses,

The measurement of the location of the distance from the traffic accident,

Measurement of farm construction management,





Features of digital measuring wheel:

1. The display screen can display the features of five-digit built-in light-emitting device, which is easy to use at night

2. Large counter, LCD display directly, more convenient to read

3. The rear support feet are stable and reliable, and it is more convenient to use (don't use your hands, you can easily control the ups and downs of the feet with your feet)

4. Foldable structure, can be easily put into the bag, easy to carry

5. Single-person operation and automatically record the distance while walking

6. Easily detect uneven and irregular road surfaces

7. It is very smooth to push








Stretch height: 110 cm

Folded height: 70 cm

Wheel diameter: 32 cm

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Weight: 1.3KG

Tire thickness: 9mm

Measuring range:






Stretch height: 110 cm

Folded height: 70 cm

Wheel diameter: 16 cm

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Weight: 1Kg

Tire thickness: 9mm

Measuring range: 9999.9 m





The distance measuring wheel can be faster and more convenient when measuring open ground. Whether you are on a flat site or a rough construction site, you can easily handle it. Pushing the wheels is also very smooth, saving time and effort to use. It will be a good helper for your measurement.

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