Noyafa Launch NF-G1200 Golf Laser Rangefinder Equivalent To Caddytek

Posted on: April 28,2022

Noyafa Launch NF-G1200 Golf Laser Rangefinder Equivalent To Caddytek 

Noyafa launched NF-G1200 Golf Rangefinder, which is a lightweight and high-performance golf rangefinder. It adopts a 6X high-definition optical observation system,Ordinary rangefinder observation effect,Images with high-definition coatings and high-resolution lenses. During Nautical observation,Outdoor hiking, Ornamental animals,Golf,Engineering survey and can easily get accurate measurements  and clear sense even in the greasy weather.The laser rangefinder is lightweight, small  size, friendly  operation,durability, fast and accurate measure.

Assist you to hit the best golf shot in 2022.


What are the characteristics of an excellent golf rangefinder?


The most important attribute is accuracy. Knowing the exact distance will allow you to better control your swing strength.


Friendly in operation:

    It is easy to use without too much complicated debugging. Complicated operations and long-term measurements tend to miss opportunities.

Observation distance:

The farther the viewing distance, the better. Suppose your starting point is so far away from the observation target that you cannot see the target clearly. That golf rangefinder would be pointless.


Slope measuring capability:

Slope Compensation is also an important attribute for golf. Can show whether it is uphill or downhill. It’s like cheating assistance



Waterproof:When it rains on golf, the waterproof machine avoids additional damages.


Durability and price:

For the average consumer, having good performance, durability and an affordable price is very important. Customers usually choose the best cost-effect products

Suppose somebody doesn't care about the money, use it a few times and then throw it away, forget it.




NF-G1200 Features

l Friendly operation :Flagpole one-key lock function

l High and stable performance:High-performance technical support ,stable measurement data, durable

l Cabinet and delicate: Maste it in one hand .Ergonomic design, compact and lightweight, easy to measure

l Night vision:It is also clear in night scenes

l Fog measurement :Be fearless of rain and fog.Accurate measurement even in Foggy weather

l Waterproof: IP54

l Remote viewing:Clearly sense and Accuracy data. Max 1200m

l Good-value

l LCD display : Crosshair, Flagpole Lock, Slope Compensation,night viewing

Eyepiece display and Side screen display:

Ranging moe

Flagpole lock

Angle campensation

Fog mode



Mainstream brand golf tester on the market:  


Precision Pro NX9: Measurement range 900 yards, Slope test, waterproof, pulse vibration, 6X  

Bushnell Tour V5: Measured range 400 yards, Slope test, waterproof, visual vibration, 6X,  

Garmin Approach Z82: Measured range 450 yards, slope test, waterproof, wind reading, color display (consumes power fast), extremely expensive  

Nikon Coolshot Pro: Side face distance 700 yards, Slope test, waterproof, 6x,  

Blue Tee Golf Series 2 Pro Slope: Test range 800 yards, simple Slope test, waterproof, 6X  

Short Scope Pro L1: Test range 875 yards, slope test, waterproof, 6x  

caddytek golf laser rangefinder:Test range 800 yards,Slope test ,waterproof,6X


 The above products are the mainstream of the market, and Noyafa's NF-G1200 has a test distance of 1310 yards, and is equipped with a waterproof function that can be used in rainy weather, wet , and even foggy days. 6X magnification and super-sensitive lenses enable observation at night. In addition to having these features, it has a portable and sturdy casing. make it more durable.


Most importantly, the price is very reasonable. The NF-G1200 is the most cost-effective golf rangefinder on the market.     Know more : NF-G1200


After all,the key to hitting a good shot is measuring accurate distance.


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