Noyafa Announce NF-LW1200 SPI supplements to bushnell Disc Golf Rangefinder

Posted on: April 30,2022

Noyafa launched NF-LW1200 Golf Laser Rangefinder.Features incline measurement, object speed, pin lock, fog mode to improve your golf scores

NF-LW1200SPI Applicable to the following scopes:

Power Engineering :using this product can quickly measure,andwork safety and high effciency.

GOLF cue observation:easily grasp the distance to the flagpole.

Watch competitive games:

With the telephoto function can watch the game intuitively no matter how far stand

Outdoor Sports:Small and convenient to carry, suitable for mountaineering,hunting,camping and other outdoor places.

Friendly operation interface allows you to observe easily.

Easily get accurate data in golf and other scenarios


CaddyView V2 +Slope




· FlagSeeking technology: Easily get the distance to the flagstick while ignoring subjects behind the green such as the bush and trees. The "Pin-Validation" function adds further confirmation of the locked target

· Magnification: 6X

· Scan mode:  Scan the landscape to get multiple readings

· Range: 5 to 800 yards (5 to 250 yards to golf flag)

· Accuracy:  +/-  1 yard

· Power source - CR2 3V battery (included)

· Display: LCD

· IPX4 Waterproof design







· 6 Times optical observation system.Quickly lock the target improve work efficiency


· Magnification: 6X

· Scan mode:  Speed measurementRangning,Scanning mode, Flagpole modeFoggy mode,waterproof ,Slope measuring capability.

· Speed rang:0~300km

· Range :5- 1200m   (5 to 1000 m to golf flag)

· Accuracy:  +/-  1 yard

· Power source - CR2 3V battery (included)

· Display: LCD

· Waterproof level: IP54

· Material:ABS and non-Toxic


NF-LW1200 SPI  The functionality is better than CaddyView V2 +Slope,

and Noyafa's products are even more affordable.

Most importantly, the price is very reasonable. The NF-LW1200 SPI is the most cost-effective golf rangefinder on the market.


After all,the key to hitting a good shot is up to measuring accurate distance.


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