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Noyafa NF-826 Underground Cable Locator Wire Tracker. Detect Cable Line Fault Sensitivity Adjustable

【Detect The Line Inside The Wall】Detect the line direction / break point and short circuit buried in the wall.

【Detect Pipes In Walls】Find disconnection and short-circuit faults in the electric heating line under the floor.

【Find A Fuse / Socket】Find fuses / fuse circuits / covered sockets and junction boxes.

【Detect Underground Cables】Detect cables buried in walls and underground, electric circuit break and short circuit fault.

【2-Mode Adjsut Sensitivity】Automatic and manual modes can be switched at will.

【Certification】Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

【100% Affordable】Manufactured in China and a lot cheaper than competitor products with similar quality.

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Product Description

Underground Wire Tracker NF-826

Item Specifics:

OEM / ODM : Yes

Brand Name : Noyafa

Model Number : NF-826

Place of Origin : Shenzhen.China

Main function : Locate the wire towards which high or low voltage

Depth detection range : 0~2.5m

Length detection range : 2km

Power Supply : 3.7V 1400 mAh Lithium battary

Warranty : 1 Year

Technical Index
Technical parameters of transmitter
Output signal 125kHz
External voltage DC 12~400V ±2.5%;
identification range AC 12~400V(50~60Hz) ±2.5%
Display LCD, with function display and column chart
External voltage Max. 400V AC/DC
dielectric strength CAT III 300V
Overvoltage type 2
Power supply 3.7V 1400 mAh Lithium battary
MIN current 80mA
MAX curren 300mA
Fuse 0°C ~ 40 °C, with maximum relative humidity
In work of 80% (non-condensation)
In storage -20°C ~ 60°C,with maximum relative humidity of
Altitude 80% (non-condensation) Max. 2000m
Dimensions (HxW*D)  156 x 80 x32 mm
Weight 235g with battary
Technical parameters of receiver
Depth of tracking The depth of tracking depends on the material and
specific applications
Single pole
About 0~1m
About 0-0.5m
Single loop line Up to 2.5m
Grid voltage identification About 0~0.4m
Display LCD, with function display and column chart
Power supply 3.7V 1400 mAh Lithium battary
MIN current 100mA
MAX current 300mA
In work 0°C ~ 40°C,with maximum relative humidity of 80% (non-condensation)
In storage -20°C ~ +60°C,with maximum relative humidity of 80% (non-condensation)
Altitude Max. 2000m
Dimensions (HxWxD) 226 x 73 x29 mm
Weight 235g with battary

Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer? 
A1: We're original manufacturer, which can help you get factory selling products with competitive prices.

Q2: How long is your delivery time? 
A2: Normally it is 3-10 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 10-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to your order quantity. 

Q3: How is your after-sale service?
A3: Our experienced technical team is ready to respond you within 24 hours. 

Q4: What is your MOQ? Do you provide customized services? 
A4: For sample order, there is no limit on MOQ. We will appreciate it if you'd like to purchase samples for testing first. 

Q5: What is your terms of payment? 
A5: Payment≤5000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>5000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Trade Assurance order payment. Paypal, Western Union etc. 

Q6: Can I become your sole distributor in my place? 
A6: We appreciate that. And we will discuss about your market situation together and after confirmation we will send you a contract with detail requirements about distributor terms and sales targets.

Q7: Find the direction of cable, how to connect the cable, and how to adjust the machine?
A7:1. Red clamp clamp wire, black clamp ground. 2. Set the transmitter to third gear.
Q8: Can the receiver receive the low voltage status of the transmitter in line - seeking mode? If yes, how to prompt low voltage? 
A8:When the receiver receives the transmitter low voltage, the TXBT icon on the display screen flashes at 0.5s intervals.
Q9: What is the correct wiring at the transmitter side to look for short/break points? 
A9:Wiring of short circuit point: connect the two short circuit target lines with the two meter pens of the transmitter respectively; Break point wiring: connect the broken target line with the emitter red watch pen, and fully connect other remaining cables with the black watch pen with the land.
Q10: What is the normal (recommended) line finding procedure when looking for short circuit/break points? 
A10:Correct connection, after the first fired power transferred to the third party for launch, set the receiver to automatic mode to move slowly along the wire, if the signal receiver (or voice) in a certain position attenuation, suddenly detection has back signals, the preliminary judgment for line fault location, the lower transmitter transmitted power level, set the manual mode of receiver, select the appropriate receiver sensitivity, detection for accurate positioning.
Q11: Does the transmitter/receiver have automatic shutdown function? What are the differences?
A11:If the receiver does not press any button within 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down. If the transmitter does not press any button within 15 minutes in the state of no transmission, it will automatically shut down. In the state of transmission, the automatic shutdown function will not be enabled.
Q12: What is the meaning of the high voltage symbol displayed on the receiver screen when searching line 826? 
A12:The receiver can also normally detect alternating current (similar to NCV function) in line-seeking mode. When the high-voltage symbol is displayed, it indicates that there is strong alternating current around, so it should be paid attention to safety.
Q13: Is it possible to connect the metal parts of the indoor wall when it is not possible to use the T-shaped earthing accessories for earthing indoors? 
A13:it must ensure that the metal and the earth are fully connected, otherwise it will affect the line finding effect
Q14: 826 bipolar applications can be charged cable testing? 
A14:In a voltage line, the transmitter can not only transmit information signals, but also measure cable voltage.
Q15: Can 826 find breakpoints with two emitters? 
A15:Yes, two emitters are set as different codes, and the two emitters are connected at both ends of the breakpoint in accordance with the breakpoint wiring mode, then two emitters' codes can be received at both ends of the breakpoint.
Q16: Can 826 detect metal water pipes buried in the ground and connected to protected areas?
A16:No, the metal pipe to be detected should not be connected to the protected area, and there should be a large resistance between it and the soil (if the resistance is too small, the detection distance will be very small); (that is, if the metal pipe to be detected is not protected and there should be a large resistance between it and the soil, it can be detected).
Q17: 826 receiver detector pen close to indoor 220V/50Hz AC, speaker no sound? What's the reason? 
A17:First, confirm whether to switch to NCV mode, and second, check whether the mute function is enabled.
Q18:The screen flashes battery symbol when power on, what is the reason? What should I do next? 
A18:It means that the battery power is too low to start, so it should be charged by USB (no need to replace the battery).
Q19: When the transmitter transmits the line-seeking signal, the relevant information (signal value, signal column, coding value) is not displayed at the bottom of the screen?
A19:First,make sure whether to start transmitting. If it has started and the receiver can receive the signal, it is judged that the circuit of the backtest function of the transmitter is abnormal, and it needs to be returned to the factory for repair (the transmitter has a self-check function, which can detect its own transmitting status and display it through the LCD screen for users' effective reference).
Q20: Can 826 line search with charge? How many volts can you measure? 
A20:This model can be charged line search, the voltage test can be measured to 400 volts.
Q21: If it is an armored cable, NF-826 can find the breakpoint of the cable? 
A21:Can't find it, because the surface layer is too thick to isolate the signal, so that it is difficult to find the breakpoint of the cable.
Q22:If the cable is buried in the frozen ground, why is there no sound when the 826 is testing?
A22:The operating temperature range of 826 is 0 degrees -40 degrees, and the maximum relative humidity is 80%. Another reason is that the grounding environment does not meet the requirements.
Q23: How to find short circuit and break point?
A23:1. If you are looking for a short-circuit point, the red clip clamps the target line, and the black clamp clamps other lines. After the short-circuit point, the instrument will have no sound.
2. If it is to find a break point, the red clip clamps the target line, and the remaining black clamps are connected to the grounding rod for grounding. It should be noted that the ground must be fully grounded."
Q24: What is the detection depth of these three models of 820,822,826? 
A24:The detection depth of the 820 is 1.5 meters, the detection depth of the 822 is 0.3 meters, and the detection depth of the 826 is 1.5 meters to 2 meters. The difference in the detection environment also affects the depth of the detection. In addition, 820 and 822 can only find directions, and 826 can find short-circuit points and break points.
Q25: Can 826 find short circuit/break point of cable (multi-core)? 
A25:Yes, this function is mainly used to find the short circuit/breakpoint of the cable.
Q26: 826 detected the location of the short-circuit point, there is also a sound?
A26:It can be adjusted to manual mode and the sensitivity is lowered, so that the position of the short-circuit point will be found more accurately.
Q27: 826 can measure the maximum depth?
A27:Unipolar application is about 0-1M, bipolar application is about 0-0.5M, and the single loop can reach 2.5M.
Q28: 822, 820, 826 can be connected to 380V power? 
A28:Can measure 400V strong current.

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Underground Wire Tracker NF-826

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