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Underground Wire Locators

Regardless of your needs, having a reliable wire locating device is critical to a successful project. Noyafa has been developing and manufacturing wire and cable locators since 2006.Our locators help in accurately locating the path of the underground wires, moreover measure the accurate depth of the invisible underground wires, and most importantly the price is affordable!

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    Function comparision (Underground Wire Locator)
    Description NF-816 NF-816L NF-826 NF-820 NF-822
    Display  screen × × × ×
    Trace underground cable
    Check polairty × × × × ×
    Depth range 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m 2m 0.5m
    Max cable length 500m 500m 1000m 1000m 1000m
    Working voltage range 0~60V 0~60V 0~220V 0~220V 0~220V
    sensitivity adjustable × ×
    Probe length adjustable × × × ×
    Cable lead normal good good good good
    Power supply for transmitter  9V battery Lithium battery Li-battery Li-battery Li-battery
    Power supply for Receiver 9V battery Lithium battery Li-battery Li-battery Li-battery
    Socket for high voltage wire × × ×

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