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Thermal Imagers

Noyafa Thermal Imager pursues the ultimate thermal imaging technology with continuous innovation, 2 million visible light pixels, 1024 thermal imaging pixels are clearly visible, providing high-resolution thermal information, and can operate safely and efficiently.Built for daily use, it is widely used in schools, factories, office buildings, etc.

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    Function comparision(Thermal Imager)
    Model NF-521 NF-522 NF-523
    Thermal imaging resolution 32*32 200*150 320*2400
    Angle of view 35°*26°    56°*42°
    Temperature Range -20°C~400°c -40°C~330°c
    Thermal sensitivity 150mK 65mK
    lmage frame rate ≤9Hz 9Hz
    Color plate lron red/Cold colour/
    Black heat/Rainbow/
    Red heat/ White heat/Lava
    White heat/Black heat /Rainbow1/Rainbow2/
    Purple/Orange/lron gray/High temperature high contrast/
    High and low temperature high contrast
    Accuracy Ambient temperature 25℃,
    Distance 0.3M
    Ambient temperature 25,
    Distance 1M
    Emissivity 0.1~1.0(can be adjusted)
    Spectral response 8~14μm
    Visible resolution 2 megapixels 300,000 pixels (640x480)
    Display mode lnfrared mode/
    lnfrared edge detection mode/
    dual light fusion mode/
    visible light mode
    Infrared mode/Infrared edge detection mode/
    dual light fusion mode
    Focus Mode Fixed
    Storage medium Bulit in 2G
    Language Chinese/English (Can be selected)
    Image saving format Bitmap (BMP) image
    Display type 2.4 inch TFT LCD 2.8 inch TFT LCD
    Screen resolution 240X320
    Automatic shutdown features 15s/30s/1min(Can be selected)
    Temperature unit °C/°F/IK(Can be selected)
    Working temperature -10°C-45°C
    Memory card 16 GB Mini TF Card
    Battery 3.7v* 2600mAh 3.7v*5000mAh
    Drop test 1 meters,(3.28 inches) 2 meters,(6.5 inches)
    Shutter interval 15s/30s/1min(Can be selected)
    Product size 60mm*120mm*210mm

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