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Cable Length Testers

NOYAFA Cable Length Tester is a multi-function device with functions of measuring cable length, cable tracking, cable continuity test, PoE and PING, and can also detect the presence of voltage. It is widely used in telephone systems, computer networks, construction and other fields.

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    Function Comparision (Cable Length Tester)
    Function NF-8601S  NF-8601W NF-8601 NF-8108A NF-8108M
    Track Cables RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 X X
    Measure cable length RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 RJ45 RJ45
    Check cable errors RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 RJ45+RJ11 RJ45 RJ45
    Power supply Lithuim battery Lithuim battery Lithuim battery 1.5V AA  1.5V AA 
    Display  screen Color  Color  Color  Black-white Black-white
    high/Low frequency mode X X
    Anti-current interference X X
    Data exported to PC X X
    Port flash X X
    Scan on PoE switch X X
    POE Detecting X X
    PING function X X
    AC Voltage detecting X X
    Remote units 1pc 8pc 1pc 1pc 8pc
    NOTICE: the difference between NF-8601 and NF-8601S are : NF-8601S can measure the CAT7,Par- Tel, TP - Tel cable length
    and it has a TF card attached to it . 

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