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Blockage Locators

Noyafa Blockage Locator can be used in both household and engineering. The sensing range is enhanced, and it is free from external interference. It can pass through the 60cm-thick cement wall and the pipe blockage under the floor to reduce the removal area. Accurate detection and adjustable sensitivity.

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    Function Comparision (Pipe blockage detector)
    Scope of application PVC pipe
    plastic pipe
    Cement pipe
    Iron pipe
    metal pipe
    Signal Length NF-5120 NF-5130 NF-5140
    20m 30m 40m
    Working frequency 300Hz
    Work hours 10H
    Working temperature 0-40
    Power supply 3.7V, 2600mAh 
    Receiver Specification
    Distance Range 0-60cm (Metal pipe)
    0-15cm (Non-metal pipe)
    Sensitivity adjust YES
    Working frequency 300Hz
    Work hours 20H
    Power supply 3.7V, 1400mAh 

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