Top 5 PoE Testers for Home & Business Network Installation

There are several types of PoE testers on the market, and it’s quite hard to make an informed decision when choosing one. When looking at the products on the shelves, you’ll be faced with different features and price tags, and not all of them have been designed to provide you with high-quality testing results. To make it easier for you to find the best PoE tester on the market, we’ve assembled this list of 5 that are sure to meet your expectations and give you peace of mind in your home or business networking installations.

Noyafa NF-488 - The Ultimate Choice

Best PoE Tester NOYAFA NF488

The NF-488 has quickly become one of our favorite testers for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s small and lightweight; though it’s a little on the pricey side, its durable build ensures you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon. The NF-488 is simple to use, with three buttons and an intuitive display that lets you know what stage your test is in.

While it’s on the cheaper side, there’s no denying that you get what you pay for with Noyafa NF-488. This is a multipurpose tool that supports every kind of PoE/PoE+ device. It features temperature testing, fiber continuity check, and power detection in addition to its ability to test power over Ethernet.

The results are displayed in an easy-to-read format and you can choose from three different languages (English, Spanish and Chinese). The main screen allows you to get quick info on all your tests in one place; aside from providing information about current readings (voltage, temperature, etc.), it also provides alerts so you know if anything goes wrong.

This tester supports all types and classifications of PoE devices as well as self-testing, testing uplink and downlink circuits individually, and storing tests for future reference. In short: everything you need from a quality network tester can be found here in one convenient package.

One other thing we liked about this model was how quickly it performed each individual task; from connecting to measuring power levels, this model does not waste time. What impressed us most about the NF-488 was how comprehensive its results were, providing detailed data about every device tested with easy-to-read graphs and charts to ensure your knowledge is up to date.

It's also got a user guide that's detailed enough without being too overwhelming--helpful if you're new to these kinds of products or just want something quick but thorough for reference. All in all, the Noyafa NF-488 is both reliable and useful--definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a PoE tester.

Fluke Networks - 5018513 MS-POE-KIT

Best PoE Tester Fluke

The Fluke Networks MS-POE-KIT is a great option for making sure that your network infrastructure is working properly. This tester will ensure that your POE and Gigabit Ethernet cabling are carrying power throughout your installation, even if you’re not using any powered devices on it.

At roughly $600, it’s one of the most expensive POE testers on our list but is also one of our favorites. That extra money can buy you some peace of mind: Fluke Networks has an outstanding reputation for supporting its equipment and offering quick repair/replacement times in case anything goes wrong with your investment.

Unlike many of the other options on this list, it doesn’t require separate grounding equipment or batteries to operate. It also includes an alarm to tell you when there is no ground or too much voltage. If you have high voltages on your line, this alarm could save a lot of time and effort by preventing potential disasters before they happen.

The Fluke Networks does have a few minor drawbacks. For starters, it doesn’t measure low voltages well—even if you know what voltage should be on your line (such as 12 volts), the device might say no data was detected because of its lower sensitivity.

And because it requires mains power from an outlet to work, you may need to rent out more space for testing lines where electricity isn’t accessible.

Klein Tools - Scout Pro 3 PoE Tester

Best PoE Tester Scout

As a leading manufacturer of hand tools and test equipment, Klein Tools knows what tradesmen demand in their gear. With their newest tester, Scout Pro 3, Klein has addressed every need with a compact unit that is durable, easy to use, and provides loads of information.

From simply testing your network connection to troubleshooting serious issues on set-up or during operation, it is loaded with features that have made it a top choice among electricians. The Scout Pro 3 takes all guesswork out when testing for POE failure by giving you both visual and audible alerts before any costly damage is done.

Plus, its small size means it can fit easily into tight spaces where conventional testers are too bulky to maneuver. It’s not just about saving time, though. When using the Scout Pro 3, you’ll also get an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy thanks to 4 LEDs that provide continuous feedback as well as warnings about short circuits, over-voltage, and more.

You'll never miss a potential problem again. And because it's compatible with virtually any networking protocol, including Cat6/Cat5e/Cat5/Gigabit Ethernet, you'll be able to test Ethernet cables without having to worry about whether they're RJ45 or BNC connectors. Whether at home or on-site, this handy tool gives you all the power of the most expensive models without breaking your budget.

Ideal Industries - VDV II Pro PoE Tester

Best PoE Tester VDV

Ideal Industry is a well-known brand in network testing tools, and their VDV II Pro is one of their most powerful testers. It features a 4-digit, 1-segment display for showing readings. This makes it easy to read whether you are on a job site or at your office.

With 2 channels and auto-calibration capabilities, even novice technicians can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems with PoE power delivery, making them much more valuable than ever before.

Although I have to admit that it’s not cheap for what you get (200 USD), it does offer great functionality for professional use such as home inspection or other jobs that require accurate diagnostic results.

Unlike many competitors in this category, this device offers two ports with remote switch control, which allows users to switch between channels while inspecting power without disrupting any current connections.

It also has built-in Ethernet access so users can easily connect wirelessly without having to plug into a laptop or computer first. For those who need something a little more heavy-duty for gigabit speeds and full CAT5/6 compatibility.

Ideal Networks PoE Pro

Best PoE Tester PoE Pro

Ideal Networks' PoE Pro is a multipurpose, professional power tester that accurately tests and troubleshoots Ethernet-based networks for issues related to power over Ethernet. This tool helps network managers save time and money by identifying problems early on in a deployment.

Its compact, lightweight design makes it convenient to carry around from one site to another, so you can quickly identify any potential issues before they get out of hand. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for users with no technical background to get up and running right away, making it ideal for contractors working on many different sites at once.

The unit itself is self-contained, meaning that all the required equipment (AC adapter and grounding probe) are built into the device itself. All the user needs to do is plug in an Ethernet cable into the back of the PoE Pro and then flip the switch on to start testing.

The color LCD screen displays clear instructions for each mode as well as indicators for fault detection. With its long battery life, this device will be able to run continuously without interruption, so you don't have to worry about ever being left high and dry when conducting a test.

The lightweight design also makes it portable enough to bring along on your business trips or vacations. You never know when you might need to perform a quick checkup on your home network.

If you're looking for something that can handle everything from phone lines to CAT5e cables, then this is the product for you. Ideal Networks has been producing dependable products since 1922, and their PoE Pro is no exception.