How to Identify If a Smoke Detector Has a Hidden Camera

Are you concerned about your privacy when staying in a hotel or Airbnb? Hidden cameras can be easily placed anywhere and used for spying. To protect yourself, it's important to know how to use an RF detector to find any hidden cameras. In this article, we'll provide you with a guide on detecting hidden cameras in smoke detectors.

Table of Content:

Part 1: 7 Ways to Detect a Hidden Spy Camera in a Smoke Detector

  1. Anti-Spy Detector: Find a Smoke Detector Camera with NOYAFA G318
  2. Lens Detection: Spot the Camera Lens by Looking
  3. Position of the Smoke Detector: Consider Placement and Angle
  4. Using Your Phone: Detecting Radio Frequency Interference
  5. Mobile Apps: Apply to Mobile Apps for Networked Camera Detection
  6. Infrared Light Detection: Scan with Your Mobile Camera
  7. Wire Detection: Uncover Suspicious Wiring

Part 2: Where Are Hidden Spy Camera Placed Other Than Smoke Detector

Part 3: How to Deal with a Hidden Spy Camera

Method 1. Anti-Spy Detector: Noyafa G318 Portable Hidden Camera Detector

The quickest and easiest solution is to use the NOYAFA G318 Hidden Camera Detector. This is a professional RF detector to find spy cameras hidden in fire alarms or any place in a room.

Detect Hidden Camera with NOYAFA G318

Once launched, it will find suspicious radio frequency signals within the range of 1 to 8000mHZ. No hidden gadgets escape its powerful scanning. 

While delivering a fast and effective scan, the NOYAFA G318 takes one step only to run. Press the On button and G318 will start to find signals even if they're weak. G318 will generate a tone and visual indication to tell you the exact spot of the hidden camera. No professional skills or training are required. 

Now, let’s get it and start finding any hidden cameras, bugs, or microphones in the room.

Step 1: Press the Power button on this hidden camera detector tool.

Step 2: Move it around the smoke detector. If the G318 beeps and flashes red lights, there’s a spy gadget inside the smoke detector. No tone and light? You’re safe!

Tip: Check other places in the room

When G318 finds no spy camera in the smoke detector, don’t let your guard down yet. Peeks may come from other corners like a socket, a hole in the wall, or the eye of a toy bear. Keep G318 active and run a complete scan in the room.

Method 2: Spot the Camera Lens by Looking

There is a lens on the spy camera no matter how advanced and tiny it is. A lens is noticeable. It reflects light like regular glass.

Hidden Camera Lens

Turn on the light in the room or the flashlight on your phone. Examine the smoke detector carefully and look for any unusual lights.


Experienced criminals disguise the lens with paint or coats. Check for protrusions or size discrepancies. The spy camera may be there.

Method 3: Consider Placement and Angle

To capture pictures, a spy camera needs to be installed at a good angle. You can check out all the possible gaps and holes that face the bed, shower room, and more. 

Hidden Camera In Smoke Detector Captured Image

If it’s a wall-mounted smoke detector, you may have trouble examining the whole device. In this case, you can use a small mirror. Hold it at a 45-degree angle to the smoke detector and observe the reflection. 

Method 4: Detect Radio Frequency Interference

It’s believed that a hidden camera will generate signals to send the videos. This transmission may interfere with the phone call and affect the quality. So, to tell if a spy camera hides inside a smoke detector, make a phone call under it.

When the signals and network connection on your phone work fine, the call lags. We can almost make this conclusion: there’s a camera in the smoke detector.

Smoke Detector

Method 5: Apply to Mobile Apps for Networked Camera Detection

Some mobile apps can detect hidden cameras by analyzing reflections and irregularities. Use these apps to scan your smoke detector and surrounding areas.

Also, some spy cameras may connect to your home's Wi-Fi network to transfer footage. Using a mobile checker app helps you identify all connected devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

App for Hidden Camera

Method 6: Scan with Your Mobile Camera

Your smartphone's camera can be a powerful tool to spot hidden cameras in smoke detectors. Turn off the lights in the room and place your mobile camera in front of the smoke detector. Look for any infrared lights that appear on the screen, as these may show the presence of a hidden camera.

If you observe either white or purple lights, there is likely a hidden camera within the smoke detector.

Phone Flashlight for Hidden Camera Checker

If you notice a manufacturer or a brand name among the connected devices, it& may be the producer of a hidden camera. Google it.

Method 7: Uncover Suspicious Wiring

There’s a robust way to tell if someone installed a camera inside a smoke detector. That’s to take apart the cover of the smoke detector and check everything inside.

Check Wires of Smoke Detector

Remove the screws and turn the cover gently to loosen it. Take it down.

Next, you may look at the wiring of the detector. Normally, a detector needs two electric wires to work. When you find more wires or even network cables, something is wrong. There might be a camera inside.


Be extremely careful when removing the cover. Don’t break it. Especially when you’re in a hotel room.

Where Are Hidden Spy Cameras Placed Other Than Smoke Detector

After checking the smoke detector, you may find one or no spy cameras. In either situation, you shouldn’t stop searching yet.

Apart from the smoke detector, criminals like to plant cameras in other places in your house:

  • A keyhole
  • Sockets or power outlets on the walls that face your bed
  • Wall hangings like picture frames, clocks
  • Stuffed toys
  • Mirrors (A lot of victims find a two-sided mirror in their Airbnb or hotel room. So, check the mirrors in the room.)
  • Showerheads
  • Ventilating fan and AC vents

There are more places and objects to check. It’s hard to narrow down to an easy list. To make your tour safe and keep your privacy, get an all-in-one spy camera checker. It drives your worries away while chilling in your hotel room.

Find A Hidden Camera

How to Deal with a Hidden Spy Camera

It’s natural to feel confused when spotting a spy camera in the room. This is not a common experience for a lot of people. To help catch the bad guy and protect your privacy, let’s check these tips.

Keep the spy camera connected

Criminals are sly. They may set the camera to reset after it’s disconnected from the Internet or power. When victims find a spy camera, most will turn it off recklessly. This is exactly the action criminals want.

Once disconnected, a reset starts on the camera. No data exists. And law enforcement can hardly trace the hackers.

Report the case

So, do not plug in the wires or turn off the Wi-Fi in the room. Keep it functioning. Put on your clothes and call the police.

Whose responsibility is it to catch criminals? It’s the police. Call them and wait for their help. Provide all the information they need.

Wait till they find out the truth.

Have a routine checkup

If you find a spy camera at home, you’re the bad guys’ target. Unless they get caught and put in prison, never let your guard down. They may pay a visit to your place and install new cameras when you leave the house. Do a daily or weekly checkup. Get some professional anti-spy kits like an RF detector to help you simplify the process.


By familiarizing yourself with these unique detection methods, you can safeguard your privacy and detect the presence of hidden spy cameras effectively. While these techniques offer valuable insights, investing in an excellent anti-spy detector remains the most foolproof option. The Noyafa G318 hidden spy camera detector stands as a superior choice for ensuring your safety and maintaining your privacy.