How to Choose the Network Crimping Tool Kit

Network crimping tools are necessary for network cable works. Various types of network crimping tool kits are available in the market. It’s important to select a high-quality crimping tool kit; otherwise, you may face difficulties while doing crimping works. There are some top manufacturers of network crimping tool kits.

Factors to Choose a Network Crimping Tool Kit

Before selecting a suitable network crimper kit, you need to consider some factors. If you don’t consider the correct factors, you may end up buying a low-quality network crimper.

  • Material of the Crimping Tool: The crimping tool kit’s material should be durable. Hard metals and durable plastics should be used in the tool kit. A crimping tool kit with low-quality materials won’t last long.
  • Multi-functionality: The crimping tool kit should have multi-functionality. The kit should support functions like various testing methods, cable crimping, tapping, tracing, stripping, etc.
  • Crimp Profile, Terminal Material, and Wire Gauge: The size of a crimping tool is based on the wire gauge it can accept using AWG. Also, each terminal has a particular crimp profile.
  • Insulation: The crimper can have an insulated or uninsulated terminal. Crimpers with rounded jaws are for insulated terminals; the rounded jaws prevent damaging the insulation of the terminal. If we use an uninsulated crimper tool on a terminal with insulation, there can be an over crimp or under crimp, or the insulation sleeve can get damaged.
  • Size and Shape: It will be comfortable for the user if the tool kit is portable. If the crimping tool kit is large and heavy, professionals will have troubles while doing tests, maintenance, or repair works on network cables.
  • Open or Closed Barrel: Terminals are usually of two types: open and closed barrels. The most common type of barrel is the closed barrel; it’s good for quick connections and has many sizes and shapes. Open barrel styles are great in vibration and corrosion, and these are suitable for high-volume applications.
  • Suitability of Various Types of Cables: There are various categories of cables like CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7, etc. The crimping tool kit should be suitable for various types of cables with various plugs.
  • Certifications: Certifications are another indication of high-quality tool kits. If a crimping tool kit has certifications, such as the ISO certification, then the tool kit can be on the priority list of the buyer.

Best Network Crimping Tool Kits

There are various brands of network crimping tool kits. Noyafa, UbiGear, Solosop, Klein Tools, LEATBUY, etc., are some of the top manufacturers of network crimping tool kits.

Noyafa NF-1501

Noyafa NF-1501 is a multifunction crimping tool kit. It comes with a wire tracker, RJ45 crystal connectors, a voltage detector, a crimping tool, a punch down tool, a wire stripper, an earphone, cable ties, etc. It’s a professional set of tools for crimping, stripping, testing network cables. It’s also usable for disassembling printers, computers, and many other home appliances.

The tool kit needs a power supply of 9V DC. However, for the power supply, the battery isn’t included. High-quality plastic and metal are the tool’s main materials. The tool also comes with a carry bag with a dimension of 35×24×7 cm. The tool kit is multicolor.

Figure 1: Noyafa NF-1501


  • Tools are made of ABC plastics and hard metals. These materials are durable and certified.
  • The crimping tool works well for CAT6 and CAT5e cables with 6P, 6P6C, and 8P plugs.
  • The tool kit supports cable stripping, crimping, tracing, tapping, testing, voltage test, etc.
  • It has a special design for use with alarm cables, telephone lines, intercom lines, computer cables, speaker wires, etc.
  • It’s suitable for testing any network and computer. Also, it’s good for maintenance and repair works.
  • A zippered nylon carry bag for conveniently storing and organizing all the tools in order.
  • Noyafa has certification for the ISO 9001 standard. It has passed FCC, RoHS, and CE compliance tests.
  • It’s very affordable. It’s made in China and is cheaper than many competitor crimping tools with similar quality.
  • It also comes with great packaging.

UbiGear Network Cable Tester and Crimper ToolKit

UbiGear network crimping tool kit is a popular and well-built tool kit. This crimper tool kit comes with a network crimper, a wire stripper, a tester, 100 RJ45 connectors, etc. It’s also a crimping tool kit with multi-functionality. If the wires have a proper connection, the tool’s LED lights flash in rotation; otherwise, the lights don’t flash. Its built-in RJ45 connector gives it compatibility with various devices. Its rigid handle ensures a comfortable grip. Its power comes from the battery. However, its build quality isn’t very good.

Figure 2: UbiGear crimper tool kit


  • It has a portable style and perfect shape.
  • Durable and hard magnetic steel is used in the press-pliers mouth.
  • It doesn’t damage the shelled wire. Also, it works conveniently with very high efficiency.
  • Suitable for CAT5e, CAT5, and CAT6 cables with 8P8C plugs.
  • It has a free wire stripper.
  • It has a warranty of one year.
  • Good packaging.

It’s important to properly consider the factors while choosing a network crimping tool kit. Choosing the wrong crimping tool kit will give you unnecessary troubles while working. The top crimping tool kit brands are really good with improved technology and features.

However, considering all features, Noyafa NF-1501 looks a little better than the other crimping tool kit brands. NF-1501’s multi-functionality with an affordable price makes it an excellent crimping tool kit. Its special design has ensured supporting multiple tests and crimping works with various types of cables. Its durable materials give it a long life cycle. The tool kit has ISO certification. Its size and shape are also great for ensuring portability. All these features of NF-1501 have made it an unstoppable force in the field of crimping tool kits.