Choose a suitable air quality test kit

We all are concerned mostly about the quality of outdoor air around us but do we know how the air quality we breathe inside our home or office is? To answer this question, we obviously need an air quality test kit. An air quality test kit is a device to measure the contaminant level of air pollution.

The necessity of an air quality test kit

Billion tiny substances are there in the air floating around us but not visible to the eyes. Many of these are very harmful as they are contributors to health problems like asthma and allergic reactions etc. And it’s not only outdoor air that exposes us to pollutants but also indoor air. We should not overlook the quality of our indoor air for the sake of our health and safety. Our energy level, our health, and our mood are strongly connected and correlated with our indoor air quality.

An air quality test kit measures the air for allergens present in the air, potential humidity for mold growth, temperature, Volatile Organic Compounds as potential chemical pollutants, levels of particulate matter, levels of radon, levels of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, and Air Quality Index. From the test, we can have the answer whether the air quality we breathe is safe or not. A good test shows accurately what is in the air we are breathing. It is a handy kit that is very easy to install and operate. 

Types of air quality test kit

There are mainly 6 different types of testing kits, and others are combinations of them as well.

Allergen Testing Kits

These kits are used to identify common indoor allergens, including pollen, dust mites, mold spores, insect fragments, skin cells, and even fibers from fiberglass. 

Mold Test Kits

If mold is the particular problem for your indoor air pollution, then choosing mold test kits will be the best decision than choosing a simple allergen one that also includes mold. This will give the best support to identify any airborne mold inside the home.

Formaldehyde Test Kits

It’s used for determining the level of formaldehyde in the indoor air.

Organic Vapor Test Kits

These kits measure the concentration level of more than 50 types of VOCs in the indoor environment. 

Lead Test Kits

These kits are used to test the contamination level of lead-based paint or paints used for furniture and ensure a safe home.

Radon Test Kits

Radon is a type of radioactive gas. It’s usually present in basements or crawl spaces. Radon test kits help to determine the level of presence of radon in any home or office.

There are plenty of air quality test kits, and most of them are combined type test kits. Some test kits are more concentrated on a particular type of pollutant. So, the user should narrow down the testing as much as possible to get specific accuracy.

Popular air quality test kit brands and models

Choosing the best quality kits needs a bit of analysis of available products on the market. The user should choose a renowned brand for a lot of support with a good quality product at an affordable price. Brands also offer FAQs, videos, and tutorials for using the kits. Some renowned brands that manufacture air quality test kits are General, Noyafa, Airthings, EG, Temtop, etc. However, Noyafa JMS12 is a very popular air quality tester model at present.

JMS12 Air Quality Tester

JMS12 air quality tester from Noyafa is one of the best air quality test kits in the present market. Though it can be customized, the main function of this device is HCHO Testing/TVOC Testing. For HCHO testing and TVOC testing, it uses the theory of Semi-conduct gas sensors. By implementing semi-conduct humidity & thermal sensor theory, this device can measure the humidity and temperature. It shows real-time air quality from bad to good, and in bad air conditions, it gives auto sound and light alert. Noyafa JMS12 is suitable for both indoor air and outdoor air.

NOYAFA JMS12 Air Quality Tester

Noyafa JMS12 air quality tester comes in white color and requires a lithium battery for working up to 700mAh. Some specialties of this device are: the remaining battery level can be seen from the battery symbol from the top right region of the display. The display brightness level can be adjusted by pressing the brightness level key. This product is highly accurate and very affordable compared to similar products on the market. Besides, Noyofa JMS12 comes with a one-year warranty and high sensitivity. 

Major considerations while selecting an air quality test kit

From a ton of collections of brands, what kind of air quality test kit should you choose? We all have different choices according to our purposes. But some important features should be kept in mind while purchasing an air quality test kit. Here we go.


Before buying any of the air quality test kits, the user should know how accurate the result will be for the specific affecting pollutants. It’s because accuracy varies from product to product depending upon product quality. But almost all the kits show specific accuracy to each affecting pollutant. Product with high accuracy is always recommended.


With the variety of air quality test kits on the market, we have a wide range of affordable options too. The prices of any kit vary depending on the longevity, multiple use, and accuracy of the result, along with how many pollutants the test kit can track out. Shipping fees for sending the test samples to a laboratory also influence the cost of the kits. So, before buying any air quality test kit, the user should analyze the price with his requirements and expectations.

Customer Service

We can’t overlook the fact that customer service makes a big difference. Renowned brands with high quality products offer the best customer service. Brand value with customer service quality is one of the major considerations to the consumers to go for one brand over others. Besides replacement, a warranty with specific tenure, insurance, free shipment, etc., can’t be ignored while buying suitable air quality test kits.

Bottom Line

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of the world population regularly breathes polluted air. We have no control over outdoor air quality, but we can improve our indoor air quality to ensure better health. We can start with testing the levels of indoor contaminants with suitable air quality test kits. This guide is here for your assistance.

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