Top 5 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras for Android Phones

The thermal imaging camera is an infrared-based thermographic camera. It identifies heat zones behind walls or other solid objects and determines if the circuit breaker is overloaded or if there are leaks in the water pipes. So, how exactly does it work?

It takes pictures in a different way than regular cameras. It picks up the heat signatures or infrared radiation that each object emits and transfers them directly to a smartphone.

Because the radiated heat varies from object to object, you'll notice various colors, including red, yellow, orange, blue, and others. A thermal imaging camera has a thermal sensor that picks up heat waves and turns them into pictures.

Reasons to buy a thermal camera for Android

The first thermal imaging camera was a standalone device that did not require pairing with mobile phones. However, as the popularity of smartphones has increased, several manufacturers have decided to incorporate infrared cameras into our beloved Android phones.

That's right! The Android thermal camera combines affordability and portability, android-based thermal cameras are significantly less expensive than their standalone counterparts and compact enough to be placed and used anywhere.

Another advantage of having a thermal imaging camera for Android is the ability to communicate the heat index data to anyone instantly. An Android thermal camera is worth getting because it is cheap, portable, and automatically shares data.

4 Factors that make the best thermal camera for Android

When deciding on the best camera for Android phones, the following things are essential:

  • Thermal camera with high resolution: The device's thermal camera resolution should be your primary concern. Please be aware that the display resolution differs from the thermal camera resolution. Keep in mind that thermal cameras with higher resolutions produce more precise readings and crisper images.
  • Wide temperature range: The same rule applies here also: the greater the temperature range, the better. If you intend to utilize the thermal camera for professional/industrial purposes, you should get a thermal device that can withstand temperatures between -40 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. For domestic use, recommended temperature range of a thermal imaging camera should be from -15 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Android phone compatibility: The most crucial thing to look for in a thermal camera is that it works with your smartphone and supports various Android devices. Buying a thermal imaging camera that you can't pair with your device would be pointless.
  • Reasonable pricing: There is no set pricing range for these items. However, most Android-based thermal cameras do not surpass one thousand dollars; some are even less than five hundred dollars.

Top 5 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras for Android Phones 

Here we will be looking at five different thermal cameras compatible with Android smartphones, and two of them are from Noyafa.

  1. NOYAFA NF-586s
  2. NOYAFA NF-583s
  3. SeekThermal Compact
  4. PerfectPrime IRC0102
  5. FLIR ONE Gen 3

1. NOYAFA NF-586s (Resolution 256*192)



Noyafa NF-586s is a compact USB-C thermal camera for Android smartphones. It is a mini device, easy to carry, and portable. It draws minimum power from the phone and does not require separate charging. Connect your smartphone or tablet through a USB Type-C port to transform your Android device into a powerful thermal imaging camera. Some highlighted features and benefits are as follows:

  • Smooth Picture: With up to 25 frames per second and a 56° x 42° field of view, the thermal imager can take pictures of large areas at once, find heat sources quickly, and record any moment that stands out.
  • Sensitivity range: +/-2% accuracy from -15°C to 600°C meets most needs. °C/°F/K real-time sharing. Take photos and videos of the target, apply six color palette effects, and share instantly.
  • HD Resolution: This Android thermal camera has a resolution of 256 x 192, allowing you to capture clear thermal images regardless of distance.
  • Multi-measurements method: Tracking of high and low temperatures, point meters, area temperatures, line temperatures, and temperature range checks are performed automatically.
  • Applications: Wire line inspection, floor heating, electric equipment, animals, pests, and rodents, night vision, automobile fault inspection, and household inspection.

2. Noyafa NF-583s (Resolution 160*120)


Noyafa NF-583s is a cheaper version of the higher-end NF-586. Even though it comes at the most affordable price, the features and benefits of this camera are stellar for the price point. Convert your Android smartphone into a capable thermal imaging device in seconds. Plug and play via USB-C with the supplement application. Compact thermal camera with low power consumption for maximum portability. Some highlighted features and benefits are as follows:

  • Affordable: Highly portable, weighing only 19 grams, and much cheaper than competitor products with similar quality, such as Flir and Seek thermal.
  • Technical ranges: 35°x27° field of view (FoV), 160x120 IR resolution, -15°C to 600°C temperature range, six color palette support, °C/°F/K units.
  • Image and video support: Support taking photos, videos, and on-device playback.
  • Key features: Hot/cold spot tracking, high alarm temperature, multi-functional feature-rich application, and three steps to get set and go.

 3. SeekThermal Compact

Building professionals may conduct inspections with the Seek Compact quickly and precisely without having to climb through attics and crawlspaces or drill holes in walls to look for moisture, air leaks, and insulation gaps. Find and fix unseeable problems with the naked human eye, like energy loss, electrical and mechanical failures, water damage, and other issues caused by heat.

Some highlighted features and benefits are as follows:

  • Technical ranges: 206 x 156 thermal sensor, 36° field of view, < 9 Hz frame rate, 1,000-foot detection distance, -40°F to 626°F temperature range.
  • Benefits and applications: Pocket-sized and highly portable, capable of quickly detecting energy loss and HVAC issues and safely inspecting any job site in daylight or complete darkness.
  • Key features: support for photos and videos, spot temperature and high-low modes, and temperature threshold mode.

 4. PerfectPrime IRC0102

PerfectPrime IRC0102

PerfectPrime's IR0102 thermal imager camera for Android phones reveals a new universe. Take this thermal imager on an excursion or exploration; the possibilities are endless.

Combined with your smartphone, it may assess your home's insulation or be used at work. The thermal imager camera has been praised as "small, easy to travel with, and invaluable" in maintenance and inspection.

Some highlighted features and benefits are as follows:

  • Technical specifications: 32 x 32, 1024 pixels IR resolution, -20°C to 300 °C temperature range, 9 Hz frame rate, 20 g weight
  • Key features: Low-cost thermal imager, a quick and convenient tool, the ability to detect heat variances in mechanical and electrical components, and the ability to analyze thermal anomalies immediately.

5. FLIR ONE Gen 3


The FLIR ONE Gen 3 is a cheap smartphone attachment thermal imaging camera meant to assist professionals in locating issues more quickly and accomplishing more in a shorter amount of time. Users of all skill levels can use FLIR ONE Gen 3 thermal imaging cameras effectively while on the road, whether looking at electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or looking for water damage.

Some highlighted features and benefits are as follows:

  • Technical specification: 80x60 thermal resolution, a fixed battery life of 1 hour, a -20°C—120°C temperature range, one spot meter, fixed focus, eight color palettes, and 150 mK thermal sensitivity.
  • Key features: Affordable thermal imaging, compact and portable design, flexible reporting tools, improved workflow, and the ability to share images using the sleek, intuitive FLIR ONE mobile app.

Final thoughts on the thermal imaging camera for Android

Thermal imaging cameras for Android are not just for military officials, construction workers, firefighters, and pest control professionals; almost anybody and everyone can utilize this innovation. Whether you need to inspect a water pipe or a circuit breaker, a thermal camera is ideal for the job. Investing a few hundred dollars in a thermal imaging camera for Android is not wasteful if you need it for a specific task. Using a thermal camera will be much simpler and more convenient with the help of your Android phone.