4 Best Network Cable Testers

A network cable tester is a device specifically designed for testing the reliability and capability of cable connections. So, this device is essential in network applications. While selecting a network cable tester, you need to consider various factors like the tester’s compatibility with cables, the number of supported testing methods, supported cable length for measurement, etc. There are various manufacturers of cable testers. Noyafa, ELEGIANT, Klein Tools, TRENDnet, Zoostliss, etc., are some of the top cable tester brands.

Now, we will check some of the top network cable testers.

1. Noyafa NF-8601S Network Cable Tester


NF-8601S is a very suitable multi-functional cable tester for professionals involved in network cable connection works. The tester’s cable testing range is up to 1999 meters, which is huge. However, the tester comes with two lithium batteries, a charging adapter, a carry case, a network adapter for telephone and cable, a TransFlash memory card, a cable clip, etc.

Noyafa NF-8601S comes with a complete graphic display screen. It can display the wire connection’s full map.

The tester is compatible with various cable types. Connection to Ethernet, coaxial BNC, telephone cables, etc., is possible with this tester. These features make the NF-8601S an excellent RJ45 tester available at present. It can also operate in different environments; its humidity range is 0 to 70°C.


  • The cable testing range (up to 1999 meters) is high.
  • It has generous product freebies.
  • A complete graphic display monitor.
  • Hosting multiple cable assortments.
  • It works well in different environments.


  • Not ideal for beginners.

2. ELEGIANT Cable Tester

ELEGIANT cable tester

ELEGIANT cable tester can function with extreme temperatures. It can optimally perform at a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C with no trouble. Also, you can safely keep the tester at a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C. The tester is also great for use in high altitudes with an altitude limit of 2 km.

The tester can emit testing signals to network cables with lengths of up to 300 meters. So, it’s a great tester for testing longer cords. Also, it’s reliable for working with CAT6 cables. Also, its compatibility with RJ45 cable pins is perfect.

However, the tester doesn’t have any circuit protection. You just need to ensure that the cable connections for testing aren’t carrying high electric currents.


  • Ability to function in extreme temperatures.
  • You can safely keep it in hot or cold environments
  • Operating altitude of under 2 km.
  • High cable testing length (up to 300 meters).
  • It works well with CAT6 and RJ45 Ethernet pins.


  • No electric circuit protection.

3. Klein Tools LAN Explorer Data Cable Tester

Klein Tools LAN Explorer Data Cable Tester

Klein Tools tester lets you perform a large variety of cable tests without any complicated device configuration, so the tester is suitable for most people, including beginners.

The tester’s output features an easily discernible and bright LED display. So, you can easily identify whether a cable has any problem or not. Also, the LED display has an efficient feedback system showing connection test results quickly. It distinctly reveals the connections’ status.

The tester is perfectly usable with cables like RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6a, CAT6, etc. Its battery-saving features are also excellent. After being inactive for 10 minutes, it automatically turns off.

However, the tester can’t test the cable connections’ other parameters like level and speed certification tests. Nevertheless, it can efficiently test cable continuity.

Overall, this tester is great for rudimentary and basic cable analysis. It’s affordable and reliable for workshops.


  • Testing cable connections just by pressing a button.
  • Informative and bright LED display.
  • It has an excellent feedback system showing test results instantly.
  • Highly compatible with various cable types
  • Excellent battery-saving features.


  • It can’t do level and speed certification cable tests.

4. Zoostliss Network Cable Tester

Zoostliss Network Cable Tester

Zoostliss network cable tester has a well-lit, and easy-to-read LED display lighting up cable test results without difficulties. It’s very beginner-friendly; when you plug the cables into the proper connectors of the tester, it will automatically do the connection tests. Despite being simple, the device can comfortably perform various cable connection tests like continuity tests, pairing tests, etc.

The tester’s connector is compatible with RJ11, RJ45, CAT5e, CAT6, etc. So, the tester can conveniently perform thorough diagnostic tests on the internet and telephone cords. The tester also comes with a generous replacement and return period.

However, the tester’s instruction manual is badly-translated and faulty. But overall, the Zoostliss cable tester is a good one.

  • It has an excellent LED display.
  • It’s beginner-friendly.
  • It supports various cable connection tests.
  • Compatible with many types of cables.
  • Great return and replacement policy.


  • The instruction manual isn’t good.

It’s important to consider the discussed factors while selecting a network cable tester. All of the discussed network cables have great features to be the best network cable testers. However, Noyafa NF-8601S should be a special mention here, as the tester looks the most impressive among all. If we consider the range of cable length for testing, NF-8601S is a clear favorite among all. The tester is suitable for all environments. NF-8601S also has one of the finest display monitors as compared to display monitors of other testers. Its price is also in the affordable range. It’s exceptional in supporting multiple cable types. Overall, NF-8601S is an excellent network cable tester with hardly any negativity.