5 Tips for Running Electrical Cords in Your Home Safely

We are moving forward with the Machin Band, so we can see a lot about the Internet, the design of the room, the layout, the decoration of the room and so on. Particularly in the decorating designs of other people, there is no obvious line arrangement. Like smart appliances, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices, but power cords and Internet cables are always required.

Objectively, cleaning up some messy cables is a way of saving space (increasing the beauty of space), making the future circuit investigation more convenient and saving a certain cost.

Medea a Plan

Before we dig the wall, we order a Mini Pen Multimeter, Hidden wire locator, Laser distance meter to measure the data we need. Take some time afterwards to  draw up a plan for laying the cables. Careful planning makes sense for future revisions.


Once the positioning is complete, based on the position and direction of the circuit, open the wiring slot, and the wiring slot must be horizontal and vertical. However, the standard practice does not allow transverse grooves, because it will affect the bearing capacity of the wall. 

 Layout of cables

The cables are generally buried  conduits. There are two types of line pipes: cold-formed pipes and PVC pipes. Cold-formed pipes can be bent without breaking. It is the best choice for wiring because its corners are curved, and the wires can be replaced at any time without opening the wall. Tips: Bending tools: Use a bending tool for cold bending, and the radian should be 10 times the diameter of the line pipe, so that the threading or stitching can be smooth.

Reserved wire

Leave wires on the wall or interface do not feel "wasted". This will facilitate the rest of your work should you need to repair and connect the cables later.

Detection & Cleaning.

Use tools to identify all interfaces to prevent future problems.

When you're done, repaint the walls and clean the mess and like nothing ever happened.

Reasonable cable planning will allow room for decoration. It is also easier to retrofit later. That'll give you time off for work.