Noyafa Launched The Best Budget 1080P Wireless Camera A9

Posted on: March 24,2022

Wireless monitoring refers to a monitoring system that uses radio waves to transmit video, sound, data, and other signals. Since wireless monitoring does not require cable arming, the initial construction cost is greatly reduced, especially in application scenarios with large monitoring areas.

The device can be widely used in a wide range of distributed security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring, and many other fields. Such as:

Wireless monitoring of cash machines, bank tellers, supermarkets, factories, etc.

Nursing homes, kindergartens, and schools provide remote wireless monitoring services


1. Low overall cost, only one-time investment, no need to dig trenches and bury pipes, especially suitable for outdoor distances and well-decorated occasions; 

2. Flexible networking, good scalability, plug-and-play, managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to the existing network, no need to lay a network or add equipment for the new transmission, and easily realize remote wireless monitoring.

 3. The maintenance cost is low, the wireless monitoring and maintenance are maintained by the network provider, and the front-end equipment is a plug-and-play, maintenance-free system.

3. The system has powerful functions, flexible use, and all-digital video recording is convenient for storage and retrieval. Depending on the size of the storage space in the monitoring center, the size, quality, and frequency of image capture, video data can be recorded for hours to months. Users can play, locate, fast-forward, and slow-release the recorded video data.

NOYAFA product A9 is a wireless camera. There is a great demand for wireless monitoring equipment in the market. The cameras with excellent quality are very expensive, and cheap products are not of good quality, so we have launched cost-effective cameras. Taking into account the product performance at the same time the price is very affordable.


  Product advantages: No subscription fees

                                     App connection, remote listening

1080p resolution

Small camera


Accurate detections and notifications

                                    Clear picture during the day and night shots

                                   Magnetic adsorption



The current mainstream brands on the market:

EufyCam,  Arlo Pro,  Nest Battery Cam,  Zeeporte,  Ring Stick Up,  Reolink Argus3.

Each of them has its advantages: Nest Battery Cam - fast to start recording, EufyCam has 4k pixels, Blink ultra-long standby, etc. But cameras from the above brands are expensive.

NOYAFA has expanded into new product areas and is committed to creating the most cost-effective camera products.


NOYAFA is a leading brand in China that has been deeply involved in the measurement industry for 15 years. The current supply chain has been relatively complete, and research and development, design, production, and sales have become a standalone system. Currently, NOYAFA is actively developing new test and measurement products including Wireless Home Security MINI Camera: A18, Wall Testing Instruments: 518S, multifunctional cable detector: 802, etc. will be listed soon.

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