Noyafa Launched a Best Chartplotters for Small Boats

Posted on: June 06,2022


HP-528 4.3" color LCD display boat GPS navigator for marine navigation (AIS display function) fast and professional for GPS positioning, detection, radar, etc.



Noyafa  announced Vector Navigational HP-528,which has passed the international standard ECS (Electronic chart system). It uses a high-speed central processing unit, as well as a large volume of memory. In order to deal with the driving status of the ship in time during sailing, query and import the required data. Of course, a qualified chartplotter should have the AIS (Automatic Identification System) system. AIS cooperates with the GPS all-round positioning system to automatically obtain the sailing status, route, detected climate and other information of the ship.

Vector chart data is another form of chart data, which can classify and store digitized chart information in layers (for example, it can only display water depths less than 10m). It contains image files and program files capable of generating elements such as symbols/points/lines/text and colors, which can change attributes and elements in the chart. The vector chart is an intelligent electronic chart. The driver can selectively display some required information (such as port facilities, tidal changes, current vectors, etc.), and the vector chart can provide the driver with accurate object information. The distance between the marks can be set, and the automatic alarm of the warning area and the dangerous area can be set.



ECS features include:

1. Chart information processing

2. Route planning

3. Real-time monitoring of hull status

4. Automatically store historical navigation records

What is an AIS transponder?


An AIS transponder on your boat automatically receives information broadcast by other AIS-equipped vessels and base stations,all while your own vessel’s static and dynamic information is being transmitted. AIS signal may reach where radar can not,  showing AIS-equipped vessels that might otherwise be hidden, such as on the other side of an island or behind a large vessel, SOLAS commercial Class A AIS transponder, so you position will be known by nearby large vessels, it will increase your safety at sea.


1.AIS onplotter

Except presents various data of ship tracks,GPS information and graphic symbols, now HP-33A added AIS information displayed on plotter.


2.AIS radar

Radar overview looks like a marine radar display, North-up, Course-up and range from 0.125NM to 24NM are supported.


3.AIS lists

The target list display shows all detected AISequipped vessels and targets.

The danger list display shows a list of vessels that are within 6nm CPA and 60 minutes TCPA from your vessel.

Watching display MOB, Fishing net buoy,friendly ships.

Other displays: Nav Data, Highway, Plotter, COG, Steer, SATinfo., Speed, Digital




1. 4.3" LCD 

2. GOTO track navigation

3. Save up waypoints 100 routes  ,10,000 marks,&  3,000 track points

4. Dedicated Man Over Board Button (MOB)

5. Support NMEA 0183 ver 2.0

6. 7 modes display, 2 user-customized modes

7. SBAS capable for better measurement


Equipment list



1. Display unit HP-528

2. Antenna unit HA-017 with cable 10m

3. Power canle, 2m

4. Standard spare parts and installation material

5. Operator manual



Screen size: 95.04(W) x 53.85(H) mm

Pixel number: 480 x 272 pixels

Memory capacity:

3000 ship’s track points

10000 marks and waypoints with comments

100 routes, 30 waypoints / route

GPS Alarm: Odometer,Speed, Anchor watch,Arrival,SBAS, Time, Trip,.

AIS Alarm: MOB,Collision,,Collision, EPIRB,Lost, Position,Collision

AIS Message: Receive Broadcast / Addresses Massage

Projection: Mercator projection

Plot Scales: 0.01nm ~ 320 nm

AIS Radar View Scales: 24,12,6,3,1,0.75,0.5,0.125 nm


The electronic chartplotter can automatically carry out the hull data status (speed and course) route planning, route detection, automatic storage of the traveled route, route warning (entering the diving danger zone, and route deviation), and quickly query information (tidal, ocean current) , weather, etc.).

Different from paper charts, electronic charts are more efficient and easy to update.Among them, convenience and functionality are superior to paper charts in many aspects. However, an up-to-date paper chart can be prepared in case of emergency.