Noyafa Announce Accuracy & Affordable Battery Meter in Car

Posted on: May 27,2022

The battery internal resistance tester Fast measuring the car battery internal resistance and golf cart battery.


It is a professional analysis and testing equipment for judging the working ability of automobile batteries. The test instrument will add an AC voltage signal of known frequency and amplitude to both ends of the battery, and measure the AC current value in the same phase as the voltage. The ratio of the AC voltage component to the AC current is the internal resistance of the battery.


The battery tester has its unique performance and scientific testing methods, has the detection function of battery online testing products, and has powerful software analysis functions, data processing functions, and storage functions. It is a professional testing instrument for manual maintenance of power supply.

It can be used for battery quality inspection in electric power, communication, transportation, finance, battery manufacturers, electric vehicle manufacturers, toy factories, and auto repair.


The battery tester can completely measure the voltage and internal resistance of a single cell online, without battery discharge, and is easy to use. Automatic estimation of battery capacity, intelligent data processing, convenient for maintenance personnel to analyze and process. It has a fault alarm function. The alarm parameters can be set according to the specific conditions of the battery, and the battery operation fault can be detected in time. When the internal resistance and voltage of the monitored battery exceed the set upper and lower limits, a sound and text alarm will be prompted together. The measurement accuracy is high and the repeatability is good, and the battery charging and discharging waveform and switching noise basically do not affect the internal resistance accuracy. Use special test clips and special test heads to minimize the influence of contact resistance, and have professional protection functions


The internal resistance test of the car battery will not affect the normal operation of the system. At the same time, the test takes a short time and the daily maintenance is very convenient.







1. Friendly operation, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, easy operation, can quickly complete on-site measurement.

2. Small and lightweight, online measurement. The hand-held internal resistance tester is small and portable.,When you test the internal resistance of the battery .which will not affect the work of the power supply system and avoid the risk of the power supply system.

3. Small workload and easy operation. The detection time of the internal resistance tester is generally 2-3 seconds to test a battery, and it only takes about half an hour to test a group of 200 batteries.

4. Find outdated batteries in time. With fewer maintenance personnel and increasing maintenance workload, outdated batteries can be quickly found through the internal resistance test to improve maintenance efficiency and ensure the safe and effective operation of the system.

5. In the case of strong ripple interference, the battery voltage and internal resistance can be accurately tested online.





DMDDY- 222

Multi-function: overvoltage protection, charging system test, battery test, startup test, prevention of positive and negative connection, poor contact reminder,


Battery Test Type: Most lead-acid batteries

Support voltage: 12V/24V

Language system: 15 languages

Intelligent test: access port, one-key measurement of various data

Cold start: 100CCA ~ 2000CCA | 30AH ~ 200AH

Temperature detection: real-time ambient temperature detection, one-key detection results

CCA: 100 ~ 1700

IEC: 100~ 1000

EN: 100~ 1700

DIN: 100~ 1000





Multifunctional: battery test, boot system test, charging system test, print test results

Language system: 15 languages

Battery test type: all lead-acid batteries lead, (EFB, AGM, GEL) do not support test lithium batteries

Support voltage: 12v (24v is not supported)

Measuring range:

CCA: 100 ~ 1700

IEC: 100~ 1000

EN: 100~ 1700

IEC: 100-1400

SAE: 100-2000

JIS:26A17 ~245H52

GB : 30 - 20AH





Multifunctional: battery test, starter system load test, starter system test, charging system test, maximum load test,

Language system: 15 languages

Battery Test Type: 30-200AH

Support voltage: 9-18V (24v is not supported)

Measuring range:

CCA: 100 ~ 1700







For the car, although the proportion of the cost of the car battery is not high, it plays a pivotal role in the entire car. Therefore, knowing whether the car battery is still in good condition and replacing the battery that will be scrapped in advance can effectively improve the service level and user satisfaction of the company, and provide battery manufacturers, car production lines, car maintenance companies and battery distributors. Great convenience at work.


You need to check regularly, then find out the error side by the battery and adjust it. If you do not fix it ,the capacity will become smaller, shorten the battery life ,and the efficient and safe operation of the system will be affected.