Top 3 Fiber Optic Testers of NOYAFA

Welcome to a high-speed world. As the demand for fast and stable networks soars, families and companies have turned to Fiber optic networks. To ensure integrity and efficiency, NOYAFA releases a series of fiber testers for professional networking engineers and DIYers.

What to expect from NOYAFA's fiber optic testers?

As one most famous and reliable manufacturers and providers of network testers, we pride ourselves on creating various advanced and accurate fiber testers for different needs and situations.

  • Optical Power Meter (OPM): Measure the loss of 7 standard wavelengthes.
  • Visual fault locator (VFL): Emits visible lights to fiber cables to make breaks or bending easy to spot.
  • Source Light (SL): Send lasers to a fiber cable and analysis the reflected lights to test performance.
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR): Diagnosis and locate faults for long cables (60KM/37 miles).


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NOYAFA, founded in the year of 2006, is a reliable manufacturer of network testing tools.

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We're doing some major remodeling, and we've decided to do much of the work ourselves. We wanted this NOYAFA Network Cable Tester for our network cables and troubleshooting. The optical power meter and VFL adds further versatility.

I did have to get a friend who is a fiber optics installer help me figure it out. Once I got it figured out, I was on a roll. It helped me accurately measure cable lengths. Whether I was running Ethernet cables through walls or ceilings, knowing the exact length required for each cable was crucial to avoid unnecessary clutter and ensure a clean installation.


Reviewed in the US on 23 January 2024


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Los Angeles, CA


The device has a Variable Frequency Laser (1Hz, 2Hz, and Static) that is good for shooting light to find faults in fiber or locate where a connection is on a patch panel.

Also has an Optical Meter to test how strong the light coming in is from another Switch/Router/Media Converter. I keep this in my car and it's saved my but a few times when I ran into fiber issues and was able to do some quick troubleshooting. Just gotta remind myself that -16.00 db is the "normal" threshold for a good fiber connection.


Reviewed in the US on April 3, 2023


I got this to upgrade my tools for work, it’s been great for the most part. Wish it came with more attachments for the OPM for some of the other fiber plugs that are made.

The battery life is great, I use it almost daily and I seem to get weeks out of a full charge under those conditions. I’m so glad it’s regargable because my last toner flew through 9v batteries.


Reviewed in the US on June 8, 2023


Es un equipo multifuncional muy pequeno y facil de transportar, me ha facilitado mi trabajo en especial con la Fibra Optica

Victor Salinas Hernandez

Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 8. Dezember 2023

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