Noyafa NF-270 Handheld-Lasermesswerkzeug
Noyafa NF-270 Handheld-Lasermesswerkzeug
Noyafa NF-270 Handheld-Lasermesswerkzeug
Noyafa NF-270 Handheld-Lasermesswerkzeug

Noyafa NF-270 Handheld-Lasermesswerkzeug

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Features & Benefits:

  • Instant measure: Start the measurement tool, point to an object or surface within 70 meters (230 feet), and press MEAS. The value will come up in less than 0.3 second.
  • Measure with precision: Equipped with a dual-sending single-receive laser head, this laser measuring tool gives you an accuracy of ±1.5mm, ensuring dependable results for your projects.
  • Room measurement: Auto calculate room dimensions including perimeter, area, and volume with auto-functionality. Ideal for architects, interior designers, and contractors for quick and accurate space assessment.
  • Versitile measring tool: NOYAFA laser measuring tool provides multiple modes to measure length, height, perimeter, area, volume, Pythagoras, and more.
  • Data storage Utility: Measure and save up to 99 sets of data within the measurement tool. Get rid of pens and paper writing.
  • Easy to carry: Designed to be portable and handheld. it fits in all hands, pockets and hand bags for on-the-go measurement tasks.
  • Model number: NF-270
  • Measuring range: 70 meters
  • Accuracy: ±1.5mm(d*0.005%)
  • LCD screen: 2.0 inch HD screen
  • Wavelength &Output: 620-670nm, <1mW
  • Laser level: Class II
  • Lateral bubble: √
  • Vertical bubble: √
  • Laser-off: No operation for 30s
  • Auto-off: No operation for 180s
  • Single measuring: √
  • Continuity measuring: √
  • Max/Min: √
  • Area measuring: √
  • Circumference measuring: √
  • Wall area measuring: √
  • Volume measuring: √
  • Pythagorean measuring: √
  • Countdown: √
  • Addition &s ubtraction
    measuring: √
  • Unit switch: M/ft/in/ft+in
  • Benchmark switch: Front/end benchmark

Handheld laser meter

Get NOYAFA laser measuring tool and complete your task with minimum efforts and maximum effects.

Infrared laser measure

Equippped with visible laser emitter, NF-270 is perfectly built for both outdoor and indoor measurement.

High-tech sensor

NOYAFA has planted the latest self-developed IR lens and sensor to NF-270 to ensure the most accurate measurement.

Easy-to-read results

All data will be displayed directly on the screen. You can change the Unit as you like.

Intuitive interface

Measure multiple sets of data and read them without confusion.

Single measurement

To measure length, height, and width of rooms, sufaces, and objects, just power on NF-270 and point it to the target. Press to complete.

Wall measurement

When it comes to wall measurement, NF-270 can handle both area and perimeter measurement and calculation.

Volume measurement

Let's get the length, width, and height to measure the volume of rooms and houses.

Pythagoras Measure

Have troubles getting Pythagoras height, length, or width? No problem, NF-270 helps you do the math.

Easy to carry

NO BULKY! Put NF-270 in your pocket or handbag. It fits everything!

Built to last

Durability is never a problem when talking about NOYAFA's products! Dust, drops, water, and heat are easy peasy to NF-270.

Built-in bubble level

To measure a staight line, NOYAFA adds two bubble levels to help you ensure the measurement vertically and horizonally correct.

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