NOYAFA Rewards Program: Share and get a gift from NOYAFA

Hi, NOYAFA fans! Do you know that it's the 18th birthday of NOYAFA? To celebrate it, we have launched this easy and exciting project: the NOYAFA Rewards Program!

This program is to let us know how you feel about NOYAFA. Also, we truly want to thank you for trusting and choosing NOYAFA products.

How to Join:

It's very easy to join us! All you need to do is to post a video on social media. Share whatever you want to say about NOYAFA like your experience of using a NOYAFA product or your feeling to the product.

  • If you post on YouTube, add the brand name "Noyafa" to the video title.
  • For other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, add the hashtag #sharenoyafaandearn, #noyafa,or #cabletester to your posts.
  • The video should be at least 20 seconds long.

Check some examples here!

Gift List:

Now, it's the happy time! Let's sit down and take a look at the gift list!

Video views

Bonus content


get a 10 USD coupon on


get a 15 USD coupon on


get a 20 USD coupon on


get a 30 USD coupon on


Get a NOYAFA multimeter pen NF-5310B (35 USD) for free!

We appreciate your support and trust! Let your posts be the more direct and powerful advice to make NOYAFA grow and develop to be a more trustworthy company.

Warm Tips:

1. We respect digital information copyright! So, please make sure the video posted on your social media is 100% original.

2. Fans who have at least one Noyafa product can join this reward plan.

3. If you have 10,000 plus Youtube subscribers or more than 50,000 TikTok fans, contact NOYAFA customer service to get a free NOYAFA product for trial. Remember to share it on your social media!

4. For more details, please feel free to contact us:

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Feel free to ask us anything about this event

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