A Much Affordable Alternative To Fluke Cable Testers

Posted on: May 31,2022

You’re no doubt familiar with Fluke, the standard in cable testers and other electrical measuring devices and accessories. You may even have been waiting to buy one of their products because they are so expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars or more. The good news is that there’s an affordable alternative on the market that can help you do the same job as a Fluke at a fraction of the cost.

Noyafa and Fluke: A Clear Company Comparison

If you’re a DIYer or an IT professional looking for a cable tester, then Noyafa and Fluke are probably two of the first names that come to mind. After all, both companies have been around for a long time and their brand recognition is strong. 

But if you’re wondering which one is right for you, it can be tough to tell them apart. That's why we put together a review of these two cable testers. As you'll see, they're both high-quality products from well-established brands.  However, there are some key differences between them. Let's compare them both side-by-side.


The best cable tester manufacturer in China, Noyafa has been the partner of many famous international brands. The high-quality cable testers have been widely used in many areas, including public facilities and offices. 

Nowadays, cable testers are often in demand due to the popularity of network cabling jobs. When carrying out such projects, you should make sure that all cables are in good condition before applying any electrical current across them.

Noyafa is an affordable alternative to Fluke cable testers, It is well known for providing its customers with a reliable and cost-effective testing solution. The brand’s products are favored by both DIYers and professionals. 

The Noyafa is a fantastic product that can meet the need of cable testers in most applications. Noyafa's cable testers are an affordable alternative to Fluke, the world’s best-known brand in the test instrument field. 

It is produced by a company that has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in designing and producing professional test instruments. While they may not have as much time in the industry as Fluke, their team is made up of well-trained engineers who know how to design quality products at affordable prices. 

More than that, all their products are built with modern technology and offer many smart features that you won’t find with other inexpensive cable testers on the market. As a well-known supplier of tools and instruments, Noyafa is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers specialized in manufacturing Various types of testing equipment for cabling. 

Noyafa cable testers are the best ones for you who love to get things done. With its cost-effective price, professional quality, and full function, the Noyafa cable tester is must-have equipment in your toolbox. Just imagine how it can help save you money and time. 

You won’t believe it until you try it. Let's check out some reasons why Noyafa is better than other brands. First of all, Noyafa makes sure that our products are of high quality by using good material as well as adopting superior manufacturing technology and process. 

In addition, we also pay attention to details like every aspect of appearance, size, structure, and performance so that each product meets customer requirements.


With the Fluke cable tester, you need to be ready to part with a not-so-small bank account. In some cases, the cable testers can cost up to $3000. However, that is the price that you have to pay if you want a high-quality cable tester that will last longer and is compatible with many other connectors aside from RJ45 ports. 

If you are short on cash or just looking for something cheaper but still works efficiently, Noyafa is the right choice for you. The company has released its very own DIY tool for users who want to test cables using the same two-tone method as well as some important metrics like resistance, length, and more. 

Best of all? It only costs under 100$. The good news about Noyafa's cable tester is that it does everything you would expect from a typical Fluke. For example, it can identify both 4-pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cables in addition to 3-pair ones which are commonly used in voice networks. You'll also find pass/fail LEDs along with a continuity checker built into its design.

As mentioned earlier, Noyafa offers a wide range of products including networking tools and power distribution units. Since they cater to businesses that demand quality at an affordable price, most of their products are priced much lower than what you'd normally find at retail stores.

They are known to manufacture some of the most accurate and reliable cable testers available in the market today. These cable testers are used by a wide variety of professionals worldwide; however, they’re also some of the most expensive cable testers you’ll find. 

So if you’re looking for a much more affordable alternative to these flukes, look no further than Noyafa's less expensive yet just as the reliable selection of cable testers. Noyafa testers will do everything as flukes can, and more at great prices.

Noyafa NF-8209 Vs. Fluke Networks LinkIQ: A Detailed Product Comparison

So, you want to buy a cable tester but don’t want to shell out $800 on a top-of-the-line Fluke LinkIQ. The cost difference between your top choices – Noyafa NF-8209 and Fluke Networks LinkIQ – is substantial, but what are you really getting for that price? 

Both units offer similar levels of performance with similar measurement values and abilities. There are also some important distinctions worth taking into consideration. Check out our product comparison video below to get a better idea of how these two cable testers stack up against each other when it comes to pricing, range, accuracy, and more.

Noyafa NF-8209

When it comes to testing cables, the noyafa NF-8209 cable tester is the best affordable alternative to fluke cable testers. It has 8 different modes which are resistance, frequency, continuity, and several more. 

Thus it is easy to use and accurate in the work that it performs. You can easily use the buttons on the display without even looking at them which makes it so simple and easy to operate. 

This device includes accessories like clips to help you connect the wires or attach them on any surface as well as small probes for checking tight spaces and also a holster for keeping all your stuff together when traveling around. 

The tester is lightweight which makes working with it convenient since you don’t have to move around with too much weight on your hands or in your pockets.

The Noyafa NF-8209 Cable Tester is an excellent tool to be used by technicians who want a product that provides excellent results but at an affordable price. For anyone who works in cable management or quality control, this tester will become your new favorite tool. 

So next time you need something for checking electrical circuits or monitoring quality assurance standards, grab yourself one of these amazing tools today.


  • Digital cable scanning

  • Cable continuity testing & NCV

  • PoE testing

  • Fault distance location

  • Hub blink

Fluke Networks LinkIQ

When it comes to cable testers, it is important to invest in a durable and reliable tool that will make your job easier. However, when you look at the cost of a LinkIQ from Fluke Networks ($1,475.99), you may have second thoughts about investing in a cable tester at all. 

In fact, the LinkIQ retails for over ten times more than many other cable testers on the market today. If you're looking for an affordable alternative without compromising on quality, then FLUKE's CableIQ might be not right for you. 

The Fluke Networks LinkIQ is an expensive cable tester that's often the top choice for network professionals. While its price tag maybe a little too high for some, it's still a reliable piece of equipment that produces accurate results. 

And while it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it sure is the most user-friendly and sophisticated cable tester available. It can even test fiber connections, giving you lots of versatility in your product offerings. 

For example, if you already have a small LAN infrastructure with copper cable (with internet connections) but are starting to look into fiber cabling options for new technologies like Gigabit Ethernet and IP video applications, then the LinkIQ would allow you to cover both needs with one tool.


  • Test cable performance up to 10GBASE-T

  • Get connected switch data rate, switch name, IP address, port number, and VLAN

  • Power up the PoE and start testing.

  • Test your network connection by going into config and pinging.


Fluke Cable Tester is one of a kind, an amazing and expensive piece of equipment. It may be a little heavy on your pocket but as I said earlier, if you are serious about maintaining good quality cabling then do go for it. 

But if you don’t want to spend all that money then there is another option available. If you have been using any of your friend’s cable testers then no need to worry as now you can buy one for yourself. Noyafa cable testers are lightweight, compact, and easy to use which makes them an affordable alternative to fluke cable testers.