Noyafa New Arrived Fiber tester NF-8508,The Multifunctional Network Tester

Posted on: August 01,2022

Quickly Measure The Status Of Network Cables & Fibers

Noyafa's new NF-8508 multifunctional network tester, in the network cabling construction, it is a tedious job to detect the quality and length of the network cable and the positioning of the network cable port. The network tester can help the construction personnel to quickly and accurately make judgments.

Cable search, cable diagnosis, scan line sequence, Ping function, search port, POE detection, etc. This type of equipment is capable of network maintenance, network construction and cable diagnosis because of its complete functions and wide application range.


With the popularization and complexity of the network, the reasonable construction and normal operation of the network have become extremely important, and the normal operation of the network must be guaranteed from two aspects. First, the quality of network construction directly affects the subsequent use of the network, so the construction quality cannot be ignored, and must be strictly required, certified and inspected to prevent problems before they occur. Second, the troubleshooting of network faults is very important, which directly affects the operating efficiency of the network. High efficiency and short time must be pursued. Therefore, network detection auxiliary equipment becomes more and more important in network construction and network maintenance.


The Professional Fiber & Ethcable Meter, a multi-functional network cable (optical fiber) tester, with continuity test, VFL, Cable hunting, length test, PoE test, Crystal head QC test, optical power meter, NCV, Light . This is equivalent to having a multifunctional network cable tester that can look for cat6 or cat45, an optical power meter and a voltage test pen.


The use of NF-8508 can greatly reduce the time for network administrators to troubleshoot network failures, improve the work efficiency of general wiring construction personnel, and accelerate project progress and project quality. This type of equipment has been widely used in foreign countries and is an indispensable tool in the process of network detection and network construction.


Cables and connectors form the infrastructure of a local area network. No matter in the initial deployment of the network or the maintenance of the completed network, most of these tasks still need to be done manually, which brings about the problem of network reliability. At the same time, the aging of cables and various connectors in different locations will also cause network connection failures. Network communications are disrupted when there are faults in the network such as cable breaks (opens) and mis-shorts (break) in twisted pairs. The network administrator can quickly diagnose and analyze the connection reliability and connection status of the Ethernet network cable through the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) cable diagnosis function of the network tester, and accurately locate the location of the fault point.


The stability and security of the network have become very important in enterprises and institutions, and the responsibility of network administrators will also increase, and heavy network failures will follow. good helper.