Noyafa Launched TR-01 & TR-02 Similar To The Sonkir Soil pH Meter

Posted on: April 19,2022

Noyafa Launched TR-01 & TR-02 Similar To The Sonkir Soil pH Meter


      Noyafa launched New Soil PH Tester Home Depot—TR-01 & TR-02,which is composed of a numerically indicated ammeter, a metal sensor and a functional value switching device. The hardware system with the metal sensor as the core, the metal sensor is in contact with the soil, and the current generated by the redox reaction in the chemical reaction is used to evaluate the intensity of the redox reaction, which is converted into a pH value and displayed on the screen. It can quickly and accurately measure soil pH.

     That’s not a hassle for gardening and farms with measuring soil pH.


  When you search for soil pH testers, you will see many brands of testers with different models and functions on the web.

And then you will see

Milwaukee: extremely expensive.

Bluelab METCOM Combo meter for pH: The instrument is very professional, and the operation steps are very complicated. Can't be convenient and quick to test.

Lustre Leaf 1606: Complicated procedures require the preparation of reagents. Only ten reagents.

   What we choose?

    Soil pH testers on the market are very expensive. Noyafa's new TR-02 and TR-01 are accurate, easy to use, and much cheaper than other brands.


1. Measure the light intensity of the current environment


2. Measure the moisture content of the soil


3. Measure soil temperature, temperature measurement range: -9~50℃ (16~122℉), (accuracy: 1℃/1℉)

4. Measure soil pH, pH measurement range: 3.5-9.0

5. Power-saving automatic shutdown function, no operation for 5 minutes, automatic shutdown

6. LED backlight auxiliary lighting for easy reading

7. Easy to operate and easy to carry


1.There is no need to install batteries. The magnitude of the current value drives the unit data of different pH and humidity values corresponding to the ammeter.

2.Accurate measurement, temperature dial, digital dial to read clearly.

3.Double detection contacts, quickly obtain soil information.


PH is one of the important basic elements of soil, and it is also an indicator of soil assart and fertilization process. The physical and chemical properties of soil, microbial activities and plant growth and  development have a great impact. Formation and availability of nutrients in soil from soil pH.


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Upcoming New Products:


       Wall Testing Instruments: 518S

       multifunctional cable detector: 802, etc. 

will be listed soon.  

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