Noyafa launched NF-M0718A-G, the Cheapest Golf Pocket Telescope that fits in anyone's pocket

Posted on: May 10,2022

Noyafa launched NF-M0718A-G, the Cheapest Golf Pocket Telescope that fits in anyone's pocket


The M0718A-G can be used as a monocular for golf rangefinders. 7.5*3.3 cm and 50g Very compact design, very convenient and quick to take out of the pocket, Frist live for inspection and observation. The rangefinder uses a high transmittance refractor, which can clearly observe the range within 200m.



Are you still looking for a suitable telescope or golf rangrfinder for work and life. This cheapest monocular may solve your troubles.

Applicable orientation



Golf: This product is available in different scale styles. Crosshairs and distance scales may or may not be scaled. This rangefinder has a range of 200m. If you are participating in some small golf tournaments, this rangefinder will not be a burden for you, and you can put it directly into your pocket after use.


March: Deduct unnecessary weight, so as not to be tired by holding the telescope with your hands for a long time.


Kids gifts: When you don't know what type of gifts to give your children at Christmas or birthdays, children have a strong spirit of exploration when they are young, and there are many colors to choose from. For children, there is no need for complicated functions of other telescopes, Mini's telescope can fully meet their needs. 50g is not heavy for them. Keep them unburdened while exploring the game.


Hunting: hunting in the jungle, the field of vision is not wide, it is difficult to travel through the jungle, a light and small telescope will reduce the burden of your trekking



Concealment: a mini telescope, which is not easy to be found in special situations









Measuring distance: 200m

Waterproof: ip54

Size: 7.5*3.3 cm

Weight: 50g





If you are looking for a portable telescope, the NF-M0718A-G will be a very good choice. It is small in size, clear in observation, and the price is super affordable.


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