Noyafa Launched Its New Borescope 112-2 Similar to Dewalt Inspection Cameras

Posted on: March 18,2022

There are two main types of endoscopes, minimally invasive endoscopes and industrial endoscopes.

Industrial endoscope is mainly a non-destructive testing tool for industrial inspection and maintenance. It can detect places that cannot be directly observed by the naked eye through the electronic display of a video camera, and can perform visual, qualitative inspection and quantitative measurement on the internal defects of the inspected object. It captures clear and bright images, achieves a perfect unity of super performance and absolute portability, and integrates the latest computer digital storage and processing technology, making it an indispensable tool in the field of inspection to solve quality and safety issues.

Endoscopes are used in auto parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body and valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, and pipe fittings casting units to check the quality control of casting sand inclusions, burrs and staggered holes.

The application of endoscopes is very extensive, and the market has a large demand for endoscopes, so NOYAFA has developed 112-2 endoscopes, which are very cost-effective endoscopes coming with a 1700mAh battery, Dual-lens HD camera, 4.3" 1080P screen, and 8.0mm small diameter camera.  

The major brands of endoscopes on the market : SUNDAY,XPORTION,SCOPEAROUND,DEPSTECH,KZYEE,TESLONG,DEPSTECH,OLLWAK,DeWalt etc.

  DeWalt industrial endoscopes are the industry leader. Its products have always been at the forefront of this field. Leading the trend of the times. Its excellent products are liked and sought after by the public.

Representative models: DCT410, DCT410S1, DCT411, DCT411S1, DCT412, DCT412S1. The DCT411S1.

Compared to DeWalt endoscope products, NOYAFA 112-2 has a lower price while ensuring the quality of the product.

Although NOYAFA has just entered the endoscopy industry, NOYAFA is determined to become bigger and stronger in this industry. Our benchmark product is DeWalt. NOYAFA 112-2 has similar properties compared to DeWalt DCT411S1. But NOYAFA 112-2 is cheaper and more cost-effective.

NOYAFA will grow humbly in this industry, adopt public opinions on products, continuously optimize products, and repay everyone with excellent products.

NOYAFA believes that one day it will surpass DeWalt.

NOYAFA is a leading brand in China that has been deeply involved in the measurement industry for 15 years. The current supply chain has been relatively complete, and research and development, design, production, and sales have become a standalone system. Currently NOYAFA is actively developing new test and measurement products including Wireless Home Security MINI Camera :A9, A18, Wall Testing Instruments: 518S, multifunctional cable detector: 802 ect. will be listed soon.

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